Fashion 2008:What is In and Out!!

homepic40.jpg A new year beckons new things in fashion. The girls have a plethora of options. Now girls this is what is in fashion and out!

Subtle Polo Necks in the winters are surely passé now. Deep cuts, boat necks and zipped-in-and-out are the new fashion statements.

Chuck those full length jeans worn specially in winters. Wear trousers or jeans which either hug the calves, are cropped or tattered. Capris or mini skirts with stockings or lacy leggings are surely HOT!!

Jewels – Less is out. Just a diamond pendant or a reasonable bracelet will not do! Stock up funky rings, heavy beaded jewels, stone bracelets and everything chunky. Artificial accessories are creating more of a buzz than normal gold and diamonds jewelry.

Smooth and sleek belts seem to be out for good! Broad “not for the loops” belts which are metal encrusted are totally in this year.Bid farewell to college bags; the Jansport, the Nike and the jholas. Welcome the tote bags which are mainly big, preferably gold or silver in color and bow ‘tied. Jute woven or basket weaved and stone studded are making a mark all over.

Chappals, flats and V-toed are the first things to be trashed out. High heels, roman sandals, stilettos, leather or velvety layered winter boots are all cashed in.

Straight hair with blunts and short hair are all too old a fashion to be going on and on. Heavy locked up curls, big bangs, fringes, cropped hair or the funked messy look here to stay!

Moreover, no highlighted contact lenses and frameless spectacles for these winters. Cool frames from D&G, Gucci, Prada or the less expensive in shades like reds, blacks , blues, purples, pinks all look cute giving a sassy, cute and, at times, mature look.

So boys and girls, keep these things in mind which will indubitably make this new year a blend of warmth, joy, pleasure and happiness to all!


Kaveri Trehan