What’s in a Size?

….That which we women are between 0-20

By any other size would look just as awesome!!! (Quoted: Gupta, M. 2011)

Geometry is tough – I think I say this for myself and all other people of normal intelligence in the world When I say this I am sure I speak for the 1 gazillion people of the world, that Geometry was pretty stressful. It was the only sub part of Maths that I just about managed to understand …but straight lines and perfect circles were always challenging and still are. Ever wondered while writing an exam, how will these formulas and circles and lines and etc. etc. (etc. = I can’t think of anymore) would help us in our normal lives? I did. A lot. Come to think of it that was the main reason I used to be just a mark above from getting the red line all over my report card. Anyway, our parents and Aryabhatta (he founded Geometry right? Along with the decimal?) did have an insight as to how the world will be in the 21st century.

Now days, people (mostly women. Lets be honest here) are no longer divided in to the ‘thin’ category and the ‘plump’ category. Oh no. They are divided into can’t-even-count-‘em-God-I-wish-I-had-paid-more-attention-in-school categories:

•    Size -1 = I’m perfect. Though my bones hurt me a little.
•    Size 0 = I’m perfect. Though my bones hurt me a little.
•    Size +1 = (See Maths helps.) I’m perfect.
•    Size +2 – +4 = Hmm, shouldn’t smell food for a day.
•    Size +6 – +8 = Hey, my cheeks just shook when I nodded. God! I am obese.
•    Size +10 – +12 =*Sounds of things breaking* Why? Why does God hate me?
•    Size +14 – +20 = You know what? I am different. I don’t care. At least I eat what I want to.

[I could have divided them more as well, but people (mostly women. Lets be clear here) would have gotten offended.]

If my mother had her way (which she does and doesn’t forget to say it once everyday) she wouldn’t let me near food. One day, she actually refused to give me anything to eat except a bowl of fruits, cuz I was sleeping till 4 in the evening. Honestly! I am happy the way I am. I am, well, cushioned and that helps A LOT. Try gaining weight and you will know how easy (tell me about it) it is compared to losing weight and how much fun it is.

My point here is that I am very glad that after the no-food-size-0 boom, people have started accepting someone who looks more human than a wood stick and have started embracing themselves.

I have been coaxed, cajoled, scolded, bribed even in to losing weight and I swear I have tried. But it is Just. So. Awfully. Tiring. By the time my 1st 6 hrs of diet have ended I feel dizzy, my sugar level drops and my office desk starts looking like a huge block of chocolate. I have heard  these symptoms are horrible. Terminal even.
My shopping trips follow a pattern which usually goes something like this – I walk into a store (pick any store) and don’t ever get anything good in a…we call them…plus size. So after I cry and whine and curse and crib and basically throw a tantrum,  I take a deep breath and go and de-stress myself with something quoted in sugar and chocolate and buy shoes, ‘cuz lets face it, shoes are  emotion friendly.

How and why should it matter if I can fit in my 5 yr old neighbour’s clothes or a tent? I am still the same person if I shop in the baby’s section or the special crafted shops for big sizes, right? People as it is have so much stress in life why add one more? Like a great person from the marketing team of Volkswagen rightly said, “curves are back!” and how!

So people of the world, I hereby ask you to go and eat that creamy, 2000 calorie thingie you were eyeing just yesterday and couldn’t ‘cuz you saw some fashion show an hour before that and vowed not to eat till the time you fit in to -20 clothes.

Like seriously! Be realistic.

Megha Gupta

Single, 20 something single who loves shoes, who loves shopping, who loves embarrassing herself and tries to love her work.

Image Source: [http://www.flickr.com/photos/meemal/2401117767/]