What’s The Fate Of Vishwaroopam?


Ban on the release of  Vishwaroopam

First the movie was banned for two weeks, then a judge of the Madras High Court lifted the ban and finally another judge said that the film should not be released in theatres until next week.

Kamal Hassan shaken by all of this had no option but to address the public directly and therefore held a press conference.

Later he also said that he had reached a compromise with Muslim groups and has decided to cut the scenes that were deemed objectionable. However, even as that happened the high court did not allow the release of the film.

While his celebrity friends kept quiet on the issue his fans were in a frenzy.


They even started a group called “We support Kamal Hassan”



and changed their profile photos and cover photos too.





However, the issue is not as small as it appeared at first. It’s not just the opposition of some Islamic groups that is preventing the film from getting to the theatres, but something much bigger than that. And it doesn’t look like something that will stop easily.

When Kamal went to court against the ban, the general impression was that it would be a cakewalk for him.But the issue is of enabling environment.

Even if Hassan appeals to the Supreme court and wins the case, there are chances that he won’t be able to run the movie in the state.

Because if the state government and the police are hostile, it will be very difficult for the theatres to support him. The question is will the theatres fight it out for just one movie? I don’t think so.

Theatres are not in business for a particular movie or for a particular star. For them movie-screening is high-stake business and will always remain so.

So what is going to happen to Vishwaroopam?

Industry-experts say that the film will lose around 50 crores. However, given the incredible goodwill that the controversy has generated, the movie can still make for a big release, if released on time.

Two weeks of full-house shows in 500 theatres will see Hassan sail through.

Any further delay in the release will cost him a lot more than he has invested. Not only that but the theatres may not release his movie as Mani Ratnam’s Kadal, and Bijoy Nambiar’s David are scheduled to release this weekend as well.

But if they postpone the release for Kamal for at least two weeks, he should still be able to recover most of his investment.

So let’s just wait and watch how it works out for him.

Shraddha Jandial

Image Source [http://www.cinejosh.com/newsimg/newsmainimg/1359604285_vishwaroopam-12.jpg]