What’s Wrong with India?

Presently we are living in this extra CULTURED era where referring to our country as INDIA is termed as cool and trendy, while the original historic title BHARAT or HINDUSTAN is becoming obsolete day by day. The country which is known to be having one of the oldest cultures in the world marked by wisdom and spirituality is falling into a steep valley of uncertainties.

The integrity of this nation is in terror, youths are misguided and democracy is totally dishevelled. How can we boast of being the greatest democracy in the world when such a thick line of partition appears between authority and the
common people? Democracy is shaping into bureaucracy, and the youth are busy tapping their feet to the tunes of their iPod. “Who cares?” is the instant reply given by most of the youth when asked about the political chaos spread all across the country.

Gone are the days when education imparted wisdom, now it only creates inequality. An enormous inequality exists between the educated and uneducated. This inequality gradually breaches into monetary grounds and creates economic instability in the nation. Rich become richer and poor become poorer. There is a huge disparity between a farmer working in fields under the sun and a software engineer manipulating some pieces of code in an air conditioned room.

Though the former requires more skill and labour, the social status of the latter is higher in comparison. And this social status is determined totally by monetary standing of a person and not on his contribution for country’s

The country once known for its values and self-esteem is exceedingly influenced by the lifestyle of other western nations. This is the reason why ‘live-in relationships’ is being promoted lowering the dignity of marriage and
‘convent schools’ have outnumbered the original ‘Gurukuls’ which imparted real astuteness to the greatest people ever born in this country.

There are many other examples which illustrate steep fall of our country on moral grounds. Our national language has lost all its sheen and it is seldom used in any official grounds. Speaking English has become a matter of pride and
honour, and the young generation finds it ‘cool’ to communicate in English. Even the new-born are taught English from their childhood. I don’t know what’s wrong with our own ‘HINDI’ which is absolutely rich in its literature and grammar.

The reason is just one, we are blindfolded and plainly imitating the culture of English-men. Please don’t forget that they are the same people who dictated our nation for about 400 years and ruined our civilization. Innovation
is good but imitation is harmful.

Indian minds are admired everywhere in the world, but most of these minds crafted from the best institutions of India are migrating for employment to other countries. They want of earn dollars or pounds instead of rupees. Materialism has overpowered jingoism. Our power to frame opinions of our own has subsided and that’s why we get influenced very soon. Media has paralysed our minds, we approve whatever they show be it good or bad.

Present day media is another sick institution which works totally to upsurge their revenue. They try to locate scandals in every subject of interest to attract our eyeballs and we imprudently follow them for days and nights. The Government signs treaties with the foreign corporation’s every now and then which allows their entry into Indian markets. They term this as globalization but this in fact only increases the volume of trade and not the profit out of it.

And moreover it leads to the downfall of Indian domestic industries. The bankrupt people failing to tolerate the agony of paucity either attempt suicide or take violent paths of revolution and end up becoming terrorists or naxalites.

We gained our independence years ago but it seems still we are mentally slaves. If this situation continues further then we would never see India in the list of developed countries. Our potential is very high; we just need to discover it thoughtfully. The only way to regain the “Golden Bird” image of our country is to inject self-respect in the citizens. We should be proud of our country not just verbally but also practically.

We should preserve our values and traditions and be a model nation for others, as we used to be before. Our opinions and decisions must be judicious despite any materialistic temptations. Let’s shed this money minded attitude and think for the country as a whole. Our will power is going to decide our future. Wake up Indians!!!

Snehil Kamal