Whatsapp Addiction: Women Go Tech Savvy!


If your mom texts you over Whatsapp to ask what you want for dinner then you know that you’ve officially entered the era of technology. India, with a whooping count of over 160 million online users has become a major technological base. From trade and commerce, to entertainment, and internships and discussions, the online world has captured the attention of the Indian audience. As a result, numerous chat applications have sprouted up in the market.

Whatsapp, the most popular chat application at present, has replaced the traditional Short Message Service (SMS) and has lured the consumers with the plethora of options that it offers. Now, plans are made in an instant, pictures get shared globally within seconds after capturing fleeting moments, and your entire group of friends can stay connected via group conversations. These days wherever you go, your friends are sure to virtually follow you.

Similarly, Viber, an application launched by four Israeli partners, offers free calling service. Are you out of balance? No problem! Just download Viber, and you’re good to go.

You don’t ever have to miss your old friends now. They’re just a smartphone away.

Not only is the onset of technology bringing us closer, but it is also helping in magnifying the client base of corporates by leaps and bounds. It isn’t uncommon to receive a text advertising a spa or selling a plot of land. Companies can now build a much wider client base with ease, primarily because managers and directors to housewives, everyone has been enraptured by this magic mantra.

Studies have shown that women are the top users of the online portals. Besides chatting, they also constitute a large portion of the customer base being served online and are statistically proven to be much more active on social groups online.

Zafar Rais, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mind Shift Interactive, saysWhatsApp is part of our daily mode of communication and has revamped our outlook towards texting. Women are more receptive to brand relations through social media platforms than men. Hence, it’s important for brands targeting women to understand the platform’s virtue and adapt accordingly.

Tech savvy women of today share selfies, they shop online and they run the business world on their fingers. They have so much going on in their virtual world, and it is almost impossible to stop them now!

Arushi Walecha

Image Source [http://resources1.news.com.au/images/2012/10/20/1226446/150705-woman-texting-on-a-mobile-phone.jpg ]