WhatsApp’s New Features Ensure Your Safety


WhatsApp had already made our lives easier by helping us connect with our families and friends living in India and abroad. But if that wasn’t enough, the application has now come up with some new features that ensure the user’s safety. Here take a look:

With You For You Always

This is the motto of the Delhi police, and it’s in tandem with this spirit that they have launched a pilot project to use WhatsApp for greater co-ordination among beat staff and better police-public interface.

Using this feature the police department can create security groups to exchange information and inputs regarding public safety. What’s more is that we can report unlawful incidents happening in and around our localities.

The good part about this project is that each and every complaint made on this group will be monitored by the Deputy Commissioner of Police and Commissioner of Police of every state.

Cloud Send

WhatsApp has made the process of exchanging videos and pictures a whole lot easier. And now with its newly introduced Cloud Send feature, you can send a document, a PDF, or a ZIP file to anyone across the globe.

Hide Your Last Seen

Is someone stalking you on WhatsApp? Or you want to avoid interacting with that weird classmate of yours? Well, just enable the “Hide Last Seen” option on your phone and he or she will never know when you were online on WhatsApp. Although this feature was available only for phones operating on iOS, it has now been launched for Android phones as well.

Conversation Backup

Many a times while deleting trivial conversations from our phone, we end up erasing some important ones as well. However, you can now back up all the important discussions you had with your friends. All you have to do is go to Settings, turn on Chat History, set the time period you want the app to perform the backup function, and you are good to go.

So which of these features are you planning to try first?

Shraddha Jandial

Image Source [http://siliconangle.com/files/2014/02/whatsapp-logos-1024×795.jpg]