Wheels for Yourself, But What About the World?

I always cherished the garden at the doorway of my home that welcomed each one that passed through with smiling flowers. Eventually room for the garden got reduced as we had to accommodate a two wheeler and ultimately the plants disappeared and were replaced by more vehicles. This might appear to be a very small event and most of us would have experienced it but it speaks volumes of the modifications and changes we are going through and about our silent acceptance without much questioning.


The boost in technology and globalization has bought along with it a changing phase in the lives of people. It has grown to be a norm to move from place to place to survive in the rat race. After all, movement is the way of life. There have been massive changes in the life styles of people in the last two decades which include the increased use of private vehicles that has proven to be a bane to the society.


A private vehicle no doubt is more convenient and easy on time but it adds on to the pollution enormously. The middle class has been able to afford private vehicles; mainly two wheelers and small cars that eventually add to the pollution. The amplified usage of private transport has been the chief cause of the increased air pollution in the environment which eventually leads to acid rain, smog formation, many more ecological impediments and health disorders. Not only does it affect the air around us but also destroys the peace due to the cumulative effect of the noise produced by the vehicles.


Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said that “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed” .It is very handy to hop on your scooter and just ride off on your way while you are late getting to your workplace or college but when thought of on a larger scale it means imprudent usage of fossil fuels. We are almost in an era where petroleum is worth more than diamonds and it is foolish of oneself to spend it unwisely without any forethought to the fact that it will definitely lead us to trouble. At least in a generation where nations are fighting over fuels that are non-renewable it becomes the prime responsibility of any citizen to use it judiciously.


Accidents are nearly the daily essence of news these days and there has been a shocking increase in the death rates due to accidents in a decade and the chief reason being increase in the number of vehicles. Not only do they cause more accidents but also increase the traffic and cause parking problems to such an extent that traveling is not anything but pain and also takes away a lot of valued time of a person.


Healthy men are the assets of a state. Unfortunately in the race of being technically advanced and independent the concerns for health have taken a backseat. An augmented rate of usage of private transport system has certainly hit the health sector like a storm. For most of the air borne diseases, lung cancer, asthma, skin infections, etc it is possible to point a finger at the contamination caused by the vehicles. It has been proven by scientific researches that the smoke let out by the vehicles is highly carcinogenic. The saturated air and the physical exertion associated with driving add to mental stress that is another hitch of the current generation. Who do we hold responsible for the major health issues bothering us?


Being responsible civilians it is our duty to take care of the earth that has taken care of us. Just take a moment and imagine of how much you will save on your fuel if you take a pleasant walk to your office and how much of an exercise it is to your body. We ought to be broad minded to incorporate the systems followed in other countries like observing the green day where nobody is allowed to use private vehicles or usage of bicycles and also increase the usage of public transport.


Revolutions in the fields of electronics and technology are advancements are no doubt a bonus to mankind but only if they are used wisely. And it is in our hands to turn it into a boon or bane.


Samhitha Raj

[Image source:http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_otfwl2zc6Qc/R4YxpwesbZI/AAAAAAAADRw/Ce5gupl5Ecg/s400/motorcycle.png]