When ‘Allah’ Acts As A Pawn For Mass Desolation And Brutality

ISIS Recruits

ISIS is a force the world is forced to reckon with. It isn’t a force that ignites passion in you or makes you relatable to their destructive plots, it is a force that creates havoc among the human life, promising to terrorize people collectively at large, while they can go on and ‘preach’ what Islam is all about. However, the bug of ISIS has claimed the minds of few people of our country, who finds solidarity and a voice in ISIS, a voice they were denied in their own country.

In the latest chilling video released by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), Indian Jihadis, including a Thane based engineering student named Fahad Tanvir Sheikh, has vowed to avenge against the atrocities faced by the Muslims in the country.

The appalling video warns to avenge the demolition of Babri Mosque, and the reported killings of Muslims in Kashmir, in Gujarat and in Muzaffarnagar. Sheikh further adds in the video that the Muslims are not safe in the country, as new restrictions are constantly imposed on them which withdraws their freedom. For a country that houses more than 160 million Muslims, the spine-chilling video, though gruesome, might hit a chord amongst the Muslims.

With the new wave of saffronisation, and the timely released video citing Muslim atrocities, how far are we from the point of making more Tanvir Sheikhs?


The video is trying to appeal the Muslims by igniting the horrors of the past, and are asking them to swear their allegiance to the ‘Caliphate’, and join the hands of ISIS in the upcoming attacks in the country.

Fearing for the religion of Islam, and the constant scare of conversion to other religions in the light of safety and the recent killings in the name of cow, have caused the Indian Muslims to join ISIS. We, as a generalised and a Hindu-majoritarian society, have persistently rebuked and demeaned the people of other religion. From not renting out flats to them to the extensive security check at the airport because of their controversial last name, we have been treating them as criminals and repeatedly judging them. Why to scrutinize only them in the first place, when the only apparent crime they have committed is to follow a religion they want to?

I am not making excuses for the radicalised youth of the country whose thoughts are in affiliation with the ideals of ISIS, they are savages and they are no way near ‘holy’ than the people they brutalize under the pretext of their ‘unholiness’. The question that comes to my mind is that have we as Indians failed the secularity of our country? Is it Karma that is coming back to attack us?

Well, I am relieved to say that only handful of people have joined this militant Middle Eastern Group, and many members of the Muslim community stand at the same place as many other do, that is against terrorism.

There’s no denying that attacks would be coming, and our government is working hard to thwart such inhumane events. However, we are as strong as we are united and equally weak when apart. Remember, it is not a war against any religion, it is a war for humanity against the forces that plot to destruct it. It is not a war against Islam, it is a war against people who manipulate it for widespread devastation.

Yugansha Malhotra



The Viewspaper