When can we get rid of it?

The blasts on thirteenth of September in Delhi at Connaught Place, Karol Bagh, Greater Kailash and near Barakhamba Metro Station claimed more than 23 lives while some 110 were injured. This was the fourth major attack in past six months after Jaipur, Bangalore and Ahmedabad. A group called Indian Mujahiddin took the responsibility of these blasts. Till now, the police had suspected Lashkar-E-Taiyeba and HuJi and said that perhaps Indian Mujahiddin is the changed name of one of these terrorist groups. Unfortunately, the carelessness of authorities claimed several innocent lives in the peak hour of shopping when most of the people were out of their homes. Police, slow as usual, failed to track the source while it is clear that this institution has been threatening us for quite a while now. After juddering three prime cities of the nation, once again they succeeded in proving that police is police. They can be given an award…award for being most ignorant.

How is it that despite our eyes being open we fail to read the signs of uncommon behaviour; despite having warnings issued by the government we shrug off them as mere instructions, as if we have nothing to do with them? It is us, who load the ‘best’ police of India with the expectations and return to shopping. Our shallow observations and so-called careful behaviour send strong signals to them, which makes us an easy prey. We have lost at least 70,000 lives in terrorist attacks till now but our reactions every time makes it seem that we are weak. After 11 September 2001 incident, Americans became excessively cautious of their security infrastructure. From training their cops to installing CCTV cameras and tightening their security they did everything, which could detect any susceptible element. Terrorism became their main concern after that jolt which we still have not be able to highlight even after suffering so many attacks and sacrificing so many civilians. The third grade police who wield lathi religiously are going to contribute nothing to our pathetic security system. Swaying lathis like madmen would not do any help. There are no strong laws against preventing terrorism and no new technology.

Each time terrorists mock us by fulfilling their promise to target new cities and look at us! After every attack and a new cat-and-dog chase we give up rather than sharpening our vigil and our security. Why don’t we learn a crucial lesson from US at least in this regards? This is a very crucial time when we must realize their harmful intentions. The harmony of our people is on stake. Tourism will suffer as a result of all this and development will hinder if we still did not pay attention to this. Thorough investigation and eagle eyes would heal this wound, which refreshes every time terrorism spreads its feet. It is a dangerous demon which should be killed before it spreads its claws and gulps us.

Vatsala Singh

[Image Source] http://farm1.static.flickr.com/102/281700796_92896bf4a3.jpg?v=0]