When Clubs Become More Important Than One’s Country


A player is first recognised by his country, and then by his club. But, in today’s age, the clubs have become more important for the players. So much so that they decide to skip their International duties (country matches) for their club schedule. It is a hard fact that money is considered to be important for every single person, but denial to represent your country doesn’t support the argument.

This trend is not limited to only one country but has its incidents or stories all over the world. Football is the main affected sports by this. It can be said that the long club seasons clash sometimes with the International friendlies and some tournaments.

Recently, Barcelona star player and Argentina national player, Lionel Messi opted out of the 100th edition of Copa America tournament (world’s oldest international competition) due to severe burnout season at Barcelona. He has been defended by his coach as well. The denial still cannot be hidden as this is to everyone’s knowledge that playing for club gives you immense wealth whereas playing for country is just a responsibility.


Duties should not be sacrificed due to your pocket allowances. In India, similar incidents had come into light but weren’t related to Football at all. The All India Football Federation (A.I.F.F) had issued a show cause notice to two F.C Goa players, Romeo Fernandes and Madar Rao Dessai for failing to turn up for then ongoing national camp. The two players ended their contract with FC Goa and were busy playing the finals of ISL against Chennai in F.C.


The governing bodies should either make some reforms in their rules regarding players present for International duties or they should look for back up players so that the national teams don’t suffer due to prior commitments of the players.

It is understandable that the club games are more competitive and well paid but nothing should be bigger for the players than the country’s duty. Even the fans supporting these players feel disgraced.

Club games can be said to be more vigorous and interesting but don’t you think there’s nothing better than representing your country in big tournaments? Do comment and share your views with us in comment box below.

Vishesh Sharma

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