When James Bond Was Almost Conned


With Priyanka Chopra twirling her way into Hollywood, followed by her apparent close aide Deepika Padukone who is romancing Vin Diesel in her ambitious Hollywood project, we Indians back home couldn’t be more proud. These two ravishing ladies have joined the likes of Irrfan Khan, Om Puri, Dev Patel and Freida Pinto, who have managed to make an exotic name in the foreign land and have bought laurels to our country.

However, the story back home is quite different.

Twitter went into frenzy when there were ads of Pierce Brosnan, yes the James Bond guy, endorsing a product called Pan Bahar. As expected, there were many people tweeting about this and showcasing their apt sense of humour. Pan bahar went international with Pierce Brosnan endorsing the product, bringing forth the class back in chewing betel leaves constituted of tobacco, something that truly and undoubtedly causes cancer. But, what is cancer to us Indians; nothing but something to chew or to smoke.

It’s nothing but a proud moment when the red trails that have adorned our roads for so long, goes international.

However, soon after all the jokes and allegations, Pierce Brosnan remains distressed if not addicted to this Pan Bahar. After doing a good length advertisement for the brand, the actor now feels saddened and shocked over the truth and actuality of the product. The 63-year-old James Bond star said his contract stated that he was to advertise a “breath freshener/tooth whitener”, if not red painter, which wouldn’t include an ingredient that turns saliva red. According to the actor he agreed to advertise a single product, the product that was as “all-natural containing neither tobacco, supari, nor any other harmful ingredient.”

He has lost his first wife and his daughter to cancer, and thus, understands the trauma behind such a disease and how many products dupe their customers to buy more of cancer. The actor said that he was deeply shocked and saddened to learn that the pan masala product he was advertising may include ingredients that can cause cancer, and hence have cancelled the association with the brand. Sadly, it’s a Bollywood debut gone incredibly wrong.

This further brings in the question of how widely people are exceling at scamming. When one can scam James Bond can other be left behind?

Recently in the month of October, three fake call centres in Mumbai duped US citizens and robbed them of Rs. 500 crore in just one year. The news of people scamming each other over Facebook, Twitter for either love, money or the needful and lusty sex is a tangible occurrence now.

Have we grown incredibly foolish, or amazingly trustworthy towards humanity that is deteriorating with the passing of every second? Are we too hopeful about a better world that we are somehow catering to the bad-rotten world, waiting with its claws to scam someone new? Or have we grown insensitive to the needs of others as long as our brand image can be maintained?

The answer to such scamming can never be known. However, what is known is that Pierce Brosnan will no longer endorse Pan Bahar as he refuses to endorse something that can cause cancer, what is known is that his debut into our Indian markets has trended as much as it was made fun of or questioned, what is known is that this one brand spoiled the global image of our country that Narendra Modi is trying so hard to maintain.

Yugansha Malhotra

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