When Lies On the Resume Get You A Fetching Job


Narendra Modi’s and Smriti Irani’s educational qualifications have been a topic of debate for a few months. On one hand, when there is no actual proof of our HRD minister actually going to college, we have been blinded by our PM too.

Apparently, Modi’s educational qualification is only getting fuzzier by the day, as Delhi University declined to give information on the Prime Minister’s BA degree (political science), through an RTI, citing its inability to provide information without Modi’s roll number. However, his MA degree (political science), has come from Gujarat University, which awarded him with first division.

The concept of boasting about their education and leadership work is pre-requisite to win any election. Even we often boast about our CVs while getting a job. They lied, got the job, and the risk did pay off well.

In favor of the above-mentioned leaders, what they lack in graduation papers, they make up for in fluency in at least English and Hindi. They are articulate and self-confident in Parliament, and have a natural flair for the cut and thrust of public debates. Both having proved themselves as excellent orators, would their educational qualification would be of any use?


If we manage to move beyond the lying part, which almost every political leader does, how is their educational qualification important when they are scheming the future of our country?

The Indian parliament has no educational qualification requirement for entry. Winning a free and fair election is all that is required to enter the parliament. The Election Commission, however, can scrap an election if a candidate is found to have filed a false affidavit.

However, would their ‘apparent’ qualification help them against the growing dissent, protests and demonstrations by leading students of the university? Would they have been able to handle the situation well, that rocked the entire youth of the country? Would they have been less autocratic, tyrannical and harsh in punishing students as has been seen in the last few months, from Hyderabad to JNU?

They both have been busy imposing their saffronised and authoritarian thoughts among the masses. In their desperation to bring alternative thought to universities, Modi and Irani have put an emphasis on faith and obedience rather than pushing curiosity and exploration.

Shouldn’t free ideas, objectionable or controversial, be discussed in a debate?

Provided that, Modi and Irani, had gone to college, they would have known the importance of debates in colleges, importance of being all-inclusive when it comes to different perspectives, importance of really being a nationalst.

With or without degrees, they are tyrants who are posing in an ugly façade of dictatorship, in the world’s greatest democracy.

Yugansha Malhotra

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