When Marks Reflect Intelligence, The Fault In Our ‘Boards’

CBSE 12th boards

I can vaguely remember the panic, the utmost test of my patience when the board announced the results. The physical pain of being unable to handle my stress, I would feel suffocated and would indulge in an ever-increasing number of chocolates. Yes, their existence is nothing but a miracle.

However, when I look back at that dreadful time, I ask myself a question, why was I so stressed that I was almost on the verge of a panic attack? How did I ever let some marks define my capability?

CBSE 12th boards were announced recently, and the only dominant question in every student mind might be, ‘did I manage to score more than Sharma Ji ka beta?’ I would want to ask, are the boards an attempt to outdo our own capabilities or to outdo the scholarly neighbor? Is the society thriving on comparison or actual intelligence?

There are students who performed magnificently, and by magnificently I mean scoring above 90%, I congratulate my heart out to them, its not an easy battle and they have managed to win it. For those who did not do well, feel proud all the same. They are just boards and a parchment of government certified paper, in no way relegates intelligence. It’s time we stomp the stereotype that adheres to the notion, ‘more marks, more success’.

Comedian Vir Das shared a message on his Facebook feed for all the students who had their results in hand or were waiting for it. It’s a strong, powerful and influential message, urging the students to listen to their own voices, before getting scrutinized by the public in general.

Boards result is a compulsory event that must be publicized, which, if I may, can be easily be compared to a marriage or a funeral. If someone scores really good, it is an event to be celebrated, it is an unabashed joyous moment. But they don’t realize, while creating a funeral of the incident, they do much worse than burning the body, they burn the future hopes, aspiration, dreams and the self-drive of an individual.

Life is about finding your passion and pursuing it relentlessly, and in that bid these marks don’t play a significant role. Marks never defined intelligence, and in the upcoming years, that streak would not change.

It is not important to score 90% or more, or to score more than Sharma Ji ka beta, the important thing is to excel at something, something that defines us and fulfills us and replenishes our soul, and I am confident that this something can be anything, but not these mere marks.

After all, when you head a start-up, or create something so artistically beautiful, unearth the road to wanderlust, or maybe just pen down the next record breaking book, these marks really won’t inhibit the dreams.

The only way dreams can be inhibited will be due to lack of self confidence, not lack of marks, and one should never let these marks determine self-confidence. You are incredible, always. (Harry Potter ‘Always’)

Yugansha Malhotra



The Viewspaper