When Mr. Thomas almost won!

Mr. Thomas, his wife and their 10 year old son lived in a nice and comfortable house in Baker Street. Mr. Thomas had a secure 8-5 job, his wife the perfect homemaker, looked after the house and his son who went to the local school. They were a small happy family. To the world they were perfect. And they very nearly were, except for Mr. Thomas’s habit of buying lottery tickets every week and trying his luck. Till date he hadn’t won even once. Mrs. Thomas who despised anything which posed a threat to the normalcy and peace of her house was highly critical of this habit of her husband’s. The fact that he would waste a part of his salary on buying lottery tickets every week bothered her very much.

One night Mr. Thomas came home and as usual his wife came forward to take his coat to hang it on the stand. However Mr. Thomas was very reluctant to let his wife have his coat, and she was equally persistent. A struggle followed in which something fell from his coat pocket. He quickly leapt to pick up what had fallen but Mrs. Thomas was quicker. She had in her hand five lottery tickets. “What is this? Have u gone mad? Why on earth have u bought five lottery tickets?” Mrs. Thomas bellowed. “I…err…actually…my horoscope for today said I’m going to come into a lot of money! So I realized I’m bound to win today and bought five tickets. I’m telling you Martha today is my day” he replied. “Ya right! The same way it has been your day for the last fifteen years! I’m tired of you wasting money like this Albert! This has got to stop” she said her anger reaching new levels. “But Martha, I’ll win today for sure, just wait and watch” he said with amazing confidence for someone who had regularly lost for the last fifteen years. “I have waited and watched you lose enough Albert. This can’t continue. If you buy even one more ticket after today, I’ll take Harry and go to my mother’s place. I have had enough of this nonsense.” She said with finality in her voice and left Mr. Thomas standing in the doorway stunned and spluttering.

He was quick to snap out of his trance. “I’ll show her. I’m going to win today” he said to himself and made his way to the drawing room. He switched on the television; the time was five minutes to eight. The winning numbers would be declared at the 8’o clock show. He sat down on the sofa, tickets ready in his hand. The programme started, the announcer started announcing the winning numbers. All Mr. Thomas’s tickets except one had proved useless. The one he was left with was going to bring him a fortune – a million dollars! He was still hopeful. The announcer then said “And now ladies and gentlemen, its time for the big bucks! The million dollar ticket!!” Mr. Thomas’s heart was beating fast. The announcer started announcing the number “The number which is going to change some lucky person’s life is…2…5…8…”. “Yes…Yes…i have these numbers!!”.”9…4….5”. “Yes!! I need just one more number and my life will change forever”. “And the last number is 7! Congrats to the winner. Have a good night everyone”. Mr. Thomas sat there with disbelief written all over his face. The numbers he had was 2589456. The next morning his wife didn’t ask him anything about the lottery and he himself had not spoken a word since the programme had ended. As soon he entered his office his colleague John came running to him and hugged him, “Mr. Thomas I won! I won! After seeing you buy 5 lottery tickets yesterday, I also went ahead and bought one just for fun. And I won a million dollars!! Thank you so much Mr. Thomas. See this is my ticket number 2589457! Thank you Mr. Thomas, I owe this to you.” He hugged him again and went away jumping in joy. The entire day Mr. Thomas sat in his seat saying “I can’t believe it!…I can’t believe it!”

C Gayatri