When Our ‘Likes’ Makes Our Thoughts Empathetic But Actions Apathetic

Apathetic society

On the streets lies a hurt dog, a dog with a twisted leg and bruises all over his face. I read the post, and within seconds start brawling my eyes out. The poor innocent dog shouldn’t suffer. I will show my solidarity by Liking the post and commenting on the post urging people to help the hurt, the damaged and the broken. Meanwhile, a dog lies near my house, almost starved to death…

Pretentious much?

We live in the era of communication, when the connection amongst the people, globally, is at its peak. We are constantly updated, awed, challenged and inspired. We come across the post that brings out the Hulk in us, or make us all soppy like ‘Sadness’ from Inside Out. The posts have the power to move us, but do they still possess the power to invoke us to be kind for the world? Are we just liking and commenting the sadness away?

I read an article that highlighted the increased instances of apathy or indifference that is gripping our society. We are surprisingly segregated from the more gruesome pictures. We avoid them, because having them constantly in our face is meaningless and over stimulating. We are, and have always been, a little too evasive of them, haven’t we?

During the recent racist attacks on Africans in Delhi, it came to our general notice, how most people treat Africans- like a caste beneath them, and any calamity bestowed upon them is mean to be borne by them. People conveniently switch off their humanity, when the crisis doesn’t immediately impact them. In the time of crisis, we would want help and support, but when it comes to others we just don’t want to impart the same courtesy. Have we become desensitized to the suffering of others? Is the uproar against any injustice just limited till our social media handles?


We might engage in debates challenging the definition of feminism, and claiming to be one, while in hindsight we might claim every woman standing up for herself as a man-hater. Or, we might fume over the incidents of eve-teasing and rape whose consistency has only increased with time, while we might just ignore a woman screaming for help in a secluded area. Does the idea of justice and humanity and help, cease to exist off-the-media?

Maybe, we just don’t have the time anymore to care because we are too busy with being productive and economic due to technological advancements and the virtual electronic world. We are too busy saving ourselves from the everyday struggles that we have just (de)evolved to become desensitized. With people today being much more aware of problems in other parts of the world, we have become desensitized.

We are living in a world of hypocrisy and pretentiousness, wherein the human civilization is at its peak yet is on the brink of collapse.

Let us not forget to be kind and humble, and not forget the essence which makes us human. Let us dwell into the concept of empathy and not limit it just towards other humans. Let us learn to be empathetic towards our environment and animals too. It is this very empathy that unites us and makes us stronger in the face of a calamity that will strike one and all.

Let us have the courage to be kind.

Yugansha Malhotra

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