When Reality Strikes #4


Annabel had a personality that drew people towards her. She was so confident and poised that Sarah, despite having a difference of opinion, was never able to voice her views. While Sarah thought she was being a good friend in supporting Annabel’s every decision, Annabel was having the time of her life controlling Sarah. And then something happened that changed Sarah and her definition of friendship forever.

College had just started after summer vacations and the girls were in second year of their graduation. This meant choosing a subject to specialize in. Sarah was confused; she could either select the subject of her choice, which meant not being in the same class as Annabel, or choose a subject that she didn’t like and stick with her “best friend”.

Annabel tried her best to make Sarah do the latter by constantly feeding in negative thoughts like—“You are going to be all alone because you hardly speak to anybody else. And who will help you with your notes. I won’t be there.” But for once in the last one year she had known Annabel, Sarah listened to her heart and chose the subject she liked.

This didn’t go well with Annabel. She was losing control and she didn’t like it. That’s when she started conspiring against Sarah. She told the other girls—Anna and Chloe—that Sarah constantly bitched about them and their personal life.

Meanwhile Sarah who had listened to her heart was happy with her choice of subject, but she couldn’t get rid of the negative thoughts that Annabel had fed in her mind. Even when she was in her class, her thought wandered off to Annabel and what she was doing at that moment. She started living in a negative shell where everybody and everything was against her.

Sarah’s fear turned into reality when she had nobody to help her get out of that shell, not even Annabel. And thanks to Annabel, even Chloe and Anna thought that Sarah’s breakdown was all a facade to gain their sympathy. Soon, everything started taking a toll on Sarah’s physical health and studies. Once she even fainted in class, and that’s when Chloe and Anna realized something was seriously wrong. And so they decided to talk to Sarah.

Accepting who Annabel really is they decided to help Sarah come out of the situation. What’s more is that Sarah was ready to change her own situation. She realized that unless and until she wasn’t confident about herself people would take advantage of her. She changed her attitude, started being positive and faced every situation and every person with a sense of self-confidence. And today she is a brand new Sarah, who is working in her dream job and has real friends.

Friends who are just a call away and genuinely care about her. Meanwhile, Annabel is still out there finding herself new puppets who she can abandon after she has used them to the fullest.

Shraddha Jandial

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