When Religion Is Up For Keeps By The Males Of Our Society

Trupti Desai

Since last few months, we have been witnessing a constant struggle for women to be permitted to enter various forbidden places of religion. It all started with Shani Shingnapur temple in Maharashtra, to Trimbakeshwar in Nashik, finally extending the ride of liberation to Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai.

Are the people involved in the movements stomping on traditions, or are they taking feminism to another level?

The woman behind the protests, Trupti Desai believes that the fight for entry isn’t against traditions, it is against the rigorous follow-up on the age-old patriarchal norms.

People have been blindly following ancient traditions, that stinks of nothing but patriarchy. Living in an oblivion, many won’t adhere to the prejudices faced by women, under the pretext of traditions. In a nutshell, bad traditions have been given a strong impetus for centuries by this male-centric society, in a bid to maintain their upper hand and dominance.

Conveniently, even the intelligentsia won’t oppose the traditions that subjugates women, and portrays their ‘rightful’ place in the society.


The reasons that deny women entry are primitive and regressive in nature to an extent that supersedes all level of idiocy. In 21st century, when we are at the nexus of science and tradition, how does mensuration relate to impurity?

Disallowing women near the Gods, because of the ‘impurity’ in them due to mensuration, seems a bit ironical, as it is due to the act of God, that women have to endure it. And, it is this impurity, that allows women to reproduce, (which many claim to be a miracle), and add an heir to the patriarchal name.

When constitution has granted the status of equality to both men and women, how can women not get entry into places that men can?

One cannot refute, that all the age-old traditions have been made and interpreted in favour of men, leaving women at their mercy. The fight to enter isn’t against any religion or tradition, it is a fight against the wrong practices of religion, that provides one gender with power, while rendering the other powerless.

No scripture forbids the entry of women into sanctums of places of worship, yet, the various bans advocates ignorance and utmost reliability on rotten intellect.

A national movement in the making, the protests helmed under Ms. Desai, have been thwarted and opposed. They have endured threats, indecent languages and abuses. However, the fizz refuses to die out way before than it should.

Ms. Desai and her followers not only have to fight the respective Trusts, she also fights the vast majority of our population, who would do anything but provide women a fair chance in the society.

Being branded ‘Kanhaiya Kumar’ of Maharashra, it is clear that Ms. Desai has dared to raise questions that challenges the deeply infected patriarchy in our hypocrite society.

Yugansha Malhotra

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