When the Country came to a standstill…

On July 5, 2010, the country was put on a standstill, by the joint power of the Shiv Sena and BJP. The two parties joined forces and declared a Bandh, in protest of the hike in fuel and food prices. Both parties were of the opinion that the hike in fuel prices would add to the worries of the aam janta. Therefore, the Sainiks, hit to the streets in protest and vouched for a nationwide bandh. The Sena actively participated in maintaining a nationwide stir with the support of the BJP.

What both parties tried to achieve or state was that the Congress-led NDA government is not capable of tending to the needs of the common man. According to party bigwigs, if the government really cared for the issues that the common man dealt with everyday of his life, then they would have definitely found a solution to curtail the hike in the prices of fuel and other commodities . However, the point that most people would raise would be: was the Bandh justified?  A question most news channels were buzzing with, panel after panel was discussing and deliberating upon the same. But how much was really gained out of the Bandh? Did it in anyway contribute the aim? Did the Government take any action lower down the prices? There is but one answer to all these questions, a straight No.

To most people the Bandh meant a long weekend, some quality time with family or a reason to enjoy the weather. To the others like those employed in the police forces, hospitals and government services, it meant just another day at work. Only this day would mean being a little weary about stepping out of your home and braving the situation. The aam aadmi was out there, working, to earn his bread. Though the political parties worked hard to make their voices heard, but how effective was it? The Sainiks and others cried for a solution to price rise, however, the method they employed led to destruction to public property and losses to businesses that ran in crores.

But when all these damages were actually caused, did the parties or the government or the CM for that matter consider the losses they were causing, by doing what they did? Did they take notice of the actual suffering the janta, the inconvenience caused due to the Bandh? These are questions parliament debates also may not be able to resolve. It’s just a matter of understanding the people better. Hopefully the next time any political party tries to bring the country to a standstill, they’d ensure repayment of damages as well.

Giselle Mendes

Image Source: [http://www.centralchronicle.com/uploads/05_Jul_Pic4.jpg]