When The Enrolment Of Jihadis Is Just A ‘Click’ Away


A young 21 year impressionable youth surfing the net comes across the apparent teachings of Islam, as propagated by ISIS. Unfazed by the cruelty of the posts they share, the youth keeps scrolling down. After spending considerable time and harbouring some thoughts on the concept of ISIS, the person hits a like. And, voila, ISIS found another person who would willingly fight and die for its ‘liberal’ cause and attain salvation.

We all are aware of the mechanisms of ISIS and various other terrorist organisations. They use people as bait to propagate their idea of the religion, and are constantly on the go to add more people, ‘jihadis’, to its unit. The extremist terrorist group, known as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS or ISIL), that poses a severe scourge of an ideological wave that is gripping the entire world in its claws.

The National Investigating Agency which is probing a case relating to the ISIS has done a series of arrests, capturing majorly the youth population, who are trying to assert themselves in the act of terrorism.

Unknowingly, ISIS has managed to open up employment for people who have faced dejection from every other place. Luring them in by promising good salary and working conditions, they are able to recruit many people. Also, glorifying the heinous crimes committed by them, in reference with the religious ideology, doesn’t hurt their cause.


The recruiters would look for youth on several job sites where resumes would be posted. The recruiters would then randomly pick the candidate and would then start initiating contact with the selected person, asking them to move to Syria, UAE, the travel arrangements for which would be easily made.

As per the speculations, due to constant hatred and violence against the Muslim community, many people headed towards jihad. Hate speeches and exclusion of the discussed community increased the hatred for the country in general, probing them to lead the ‘apparent’ road to salvation.

Witnessing the recent incidents of new joining of Indians into ISIS, the Delhi Police’s Special Cell is in the process of constituting a “social media monitoring cell” to keep tabs on impressionable youth in the capital. The focus of the cell will be on “sentiment analysis”, that is, using a program that can filter comments and posts on social networking sites and chat rooms to identity those that are filled with hatred or indicate the person posting them could be vulnerable to radicalisation.

Lauding the methods for the police and the government that would lead to deradicalization, one can hope for a shield that would protect the country as well as the people who are prone to get attracted to such heinous theories.

However, why would our youth waste their lives doing menial jobs for ISIS, like cleaning toilets, reduced to being sex slaves, participating in beheadings, killings, rapes, burying children alive, and just plain murder?

Is it too late for us as Indians to be inclusive of all communities, is it too late for us to defend the cruel ideological wave that is threatening the nation, is it too late to realise the cons of social media that is being used effectively by the terrorist organisations?

Yugansha Malhotra

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