When The Gay Aren’t So Merry


Gaycation, is a documentary series which is hosted by Ellen Page and Ian Daniel, wherein they cross countries to know more about the LGBTQ culture in the country and understand the deeper intricacies involved. They travel extensively to understand the culture and how the people of such communities strive to carve out their own space, midst the societal conceived normed which either can be progressive or regressive.

It’s no surprise that they came to India to document the experiences of such community. We have since long tried to demolish or ‘cure’ the homosexuality in people, being unable to accept different sexuality we have driven such people outside the jurisdiction of a normal society and have forced them to live in recluse.

After the Delhi Court progressive judgment in 2009, wherein it decriminalized homosexuality and found Section 377 to be against private, adult, consensual and non-commercial same-sex relationships to be in direct violation of Fundamental Right that is bestowed to us by our Constitution. The people rejoiced with gay parades happening in almost all the metropolitan cities. However, sadly, the freedom was short lived.

Soon after such progressive approach, the same was challenged by Supreme Court, as the decriminalization of same-sex relationship was found to be irrelevant considering the amount of population considering such community. The move was a huge setback for all those who ‘came out’ while celebrating the freedom to express their sexuality, and were forced to again hide themselves while compromising their individuality.

With Gaycation, Ellen Page try to understand various possibilities of such a regressive attitude that is constituted of many people’s thought process. Surprisingly, pre-Colonial rule, people belonging to such communities often found the freedom to exhibit their true self and not compromising on their identity. However, with the onset of colonialism, the British tried to ease out the various layers of our Indian society, and were busy in making strata of sexuality while not wanting to indulge into such diverse community of LGBTQ.

Section 377, is a gift we got from our colonial rules and its relevance in the modern time is astounding.

Surprisingly, more than the wrath that has to be faced by LGBTQ  by our very own society, huge amount of hindrance comes from their parents who often find the occurrence of homosexuality to be ‘unnatural’ in nature. There have been cases wherein the people are given shock therapies in the hope that such a thing could be thwarted by pressure, either physical or emotional.

They are ostracized by society at large, the unwillingness to accept homosexuality is palpable and is considered a shameful occurrence. Many leaders like Baba Ramdev, the yoga guru, believe that with right emotional guidance, such a thing can be avoided as it is a sickness that can be altered.

However, there are many people who outshine such dark, stormy clouds and go on their way to express their individuality unabashedly, without the support of the government, the society or the family. The bravery and resilience is astounding.

Saddening is the fact that we constantly fail our people in such a manner, wherein expressing someone’s sexuality or likeness becomes a public and national issue. The tabooed presence of homosexuality and the LGBTQ community has haunted many orthodox people whether educated or not. The reluctance is out there, plaguing us like some virus trying to shun away humanity in exchange of prolonging the decaying presence of medieval stink of our country.

This Diwali let’s lighten up everyone’s life by accepting their choices, decisions and sexuality. Let us not force everyone to conform to the ‘natural sexuality’, let us accept people the way they are. It’s long overdue, isn’t it?

Yugansha Malhotra

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The Viewspaper