When The Hushed Roar Aloud

CinemaThere is no dearth of Bollywood movies which have taken inspiration from real-life events, to strike a close and human chord with people. Time for superficial cinema is passé, the audience has changed and evolved from over-the-top dramatics that has gripped our Bollywood since years. Following the same trend, acclaimed director Nishikant Kamat gives us another movie, ‘Madaari’, which stars Irrfan Khan and Jimmy Shergill in major roles.

It was in 2012, a bridge was under construction for the overhead Metro rail bridge on the Andheri-Kurla road. However, things took a deadly turn, when a section of the bridge collapsed claiming one life and a dozen others injured. The bridge that was meant to ease out the lives of people, in turn managed to take one. Imagine, the plight of the family who lost a loved one.

Releasing this Friday, Madaari is all set to explain and dwell into the perspective of the pained and the anguished one. The one who lost their member of family, for what, the delay by the authorities in constructing the bridge? Or the negligence of the same authorities to ensure an accident-free site near the construction?

Irrfan Khan, plays the role of a common man, who is pained and anguished and harbors a strong grudge against the Home Minister. He plays a loving yet a vengeful father, who blames the Minister for the death of his much loved son. Taking the dirty road down the path of justice, Irrfan Khan kidnaps the son of the Minister and keeps him hostage to prove his point, thus, presenting a vigilante’s version of tit for tat. Jimmy Shergill, an underrated yet another talented actor, plays the role of the cop quite convincingly, who would do an extensive research on the character of Irrfan Khan, and finally get to the bottom of the kidnapping.

The director Nishikant Kamat, who is critically acclaimed for his moves like Drishyam, Force, Mumbai Meri Jaan and many more, seems to have done a great job while directing this political satire. If not a great economic success, I am sure the movie is going to enjoy a great critical one.

Though Irrfan Khan lack the ‘charisma’ and the fan following that belongs to major A-list stars, he has never failed to disappoint us with his performances. An incredible actor, he is not just ruling good Bollywood cinema, but is also riding high on his Hollywood ventures. The actor has had many cameos in the Hollywood industry, and is all set for a substantial role in the upcoming thriller Inferno, a movie based on the works of the celebrated author Dan Brown.

After watching movies of the discussed star, what remains in one’s mind is Irrfan Khan’s performance, which creates a desire to watch his movies again and again. He is not the Khan that is loved by all, he is the Khan that is most underrated and highly versatile; and a Khan, whose presence in the movies proclaims the narration of a good script.

Irrfan Khan is one actor in Bollywood who broke many myths and kept barging on his way to become one of those actors who isn’t just recognized in his country, but is desired by filmmakers all across the globe.

Though he might not enjoy the fan-frenzy that usually grips the likes of Salman, Shah Rukh, or Amitabh Bachchan, but he definitely enjoys a cult following in this industry- an industry where the favored are still favored.

Yugansha Malhotra

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