When The Inflated Egos Clash, An Inevitable End Looms

Calling off Mariage

Marriage is an event that is looked forward by almost everyone. Most of us pan out a beautiful imagery of our marriage- the location, the food, the clothes, the celebration, and of course, our partner. It is a much awaited event in anyone’s life, marking advent of a new chapter, promised with love, hope and further cherished memories to be shared with the one we will be spending our lives with.

However, there are certain unfortunate events that inhibit the happy event to take place. No, it doesn’t include incapability of fulfilling dowry demands, or panning out a lavish wedding exhausting the entire savings in existence. The reasons are as crucial as absence of ice-cream, or a videographer, or in further saddening and gut-wrenching cases, the absence of chicken biryani. These absences are non-negotiable in nature, and calling off the wedding is the only plausible answer to this palpable crime.

I have come across instances wherein the groom party called off the marriage due to shortage of ice-cream. The discussed shortage irked heated argument between the bride and the groom side, which finally resulted in the marriage being called off. Also, a groom party called off the marriage due to the dissent of serving chicken biryani instead of a mutton one. This incident took place in Bengaluru, and this was the day I finally realised and appreciated the essence of a biryani. It not only just pampers our taste buds but has the power to uproot the apparent holy communion of two souls. Ah! The divine power of a biryani.


Well, the occurrence of such events is not at all sexist in nature. In one of the case, the bridal party called off the wedding due to the lack of an official photographer. In the age of selfies, and the advent of documenting everything, it was very silly and careless to not have a videographer present.

It is in our country only, wherein, lack of materialistic goods can inhibit a marriage. Marriage celebrates love, and since when are we collating love with materialistic goods? Oh! I forgot, we are essentially the country which collates love in materials- dowry.

When we can kill, burn, harass over dowry, cancelling off a marriage seems like a subtle warning hinting towards a very nasty end. Of late, we witnessed a gruesome incident in which a bride was abused, beaten up and forcefully tattooed due to inability of fulfilling the dowry demands.

After all, it’s the materialistic things that substantiate a marriage, right? What is love and companionship in front of a chicken biryani or a brand new SUV?

Have we as human evolved or devolved the essence of a relationship? In this new techy and luxurious world, have we forgotten the essence of love, purity and true comradeship or a sense of belonging with fellow beings rather than things?

Yugansha Malhotra

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