When The Perfectionist Is Not The Favoured Khan


It all started with a statement, a statement that shared his thoughts over the intolerance of the country, the thought that many of us share in coffee shops whilst claiming to be intellectuals, the very same thought that made him the most despised Khan, and the thought that is again back to haunt him. It is true the ghosts of our past, never truly leave us.

Aamir Khan, the deemed perfectionist, is again at the centre of infamous attention. Recently, he unveiled the poster of his new movie titled ‘Dangal’, the event that was supposed to mark the promotion of his new film and was a tiny celebration of the efforts put forth by the star cast, was ridiculed, judged, threatened and demeaned by people across Twitter.

Boycott of his movie is trending on Twitter, and yes, we are a tolerant nation. Aren’t these hypocrites just proving the stance discussed by Aamir- of our country being an intolerant one? Under the façade of nationalism, these regressive people are following the ideals pursued by their authoritative leaders. Boycotting a movie, because the main lead sparked off an infamous controversy, is sure a sign of justice in the minds of the majority of the population.

Talented and educated enough to dwell in the technicity of Twitter, these people won’t bat an eyelid towards the atrocity they themselves are inflicting upon others. And yes, we indeed are a progressive (read regressive) society in the making.

It’s easy to forgive a star who kills people sleeping on the pavements, and comes out of it due to the unabashed use of power, money, manipulation and contacts. It’s easy to not recall the abusiveness of a star towards his girlfriend, because who are we kidding? We indulge in the same activity behind closed doors, if not on social media, isn’t it? It’s easy to ignore the bullying of the star, even when we rant against the occurrence of it on all possible social media handles. It’s not cringe-worthy to give his movie whooping  ₹ 22 crore worth of advance sales, right after his highly enlightening rape comments. After all, he’s the Bhai of all seasons, Salman Khan, and no one would dare boycott Salman Khan.

He said something mindlessly; some hated him and supported him for the longest time and now suddenly we all are desperately trying to book tickets for his movie. And we are not alone, given that the shows are running full house already.

But then, why is there such hatred towards ‘Dangal’, when we all know that Aamir said nothing but the truth? When the social pretext can be ignored for Salman, why can’t the same hold true for Aamir?

The comparisons between the reception of these discussed movies showcase nothing but the bigotry standards which has gripped the majority of our population. Blinded by bias and judgments, and of course, intellectuality that is dwindling towards the collapse of it; the stance of the people is nothing but saddening and disheartening.

Aamir- the Khan that has delivered movies timed with social causes, the Khan that made Sunday morning a ritual to be followed by families together, from creating awareness to leading to impactful and appreciable change, he indeed, is the most societal Khan, and of course, that makes him the most controversial and despised too, but never the favoured one.

He is stung by intolerance, the same concept he voiced out against, and nothing solidifies his thoughts more, nothing at all.

Yugansha Malhotra

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