When The Swachh Bharat Suffers At The Hands Of Its Own Citizens


With much furor and excitement, the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan was launched. One of the things that I was really content with the current Modi regime was that he did want to carry on with the principle of Mahatma Gandhi to aim for a clean and neat country, which should never have been the opposite in the first place. Nevertheless, I was glad that Narendra Modi, being the popular and followed leader that he is, used his power to incite rightful thoughts into the minds of people who follow him relentlessly and without any second thoughts or fickleness.

Sadly, had people been listening to him as much as they listen to his ballads on nationalism, our country, or at least some places, would have been speck clean. The blame lies with no one but us, the citizens of the country.

We would not do the efforts of asking our friends or family to not litter on the roads. We will act as mere bystanders, like we always do in the event of some crime. We will never do the effort to pick up a plastic bottle or bags that lie on the road, and throw them in the dustbin. Just to invoke many into action, the plastic bags which are thrown very carelessly on the road, are consumed by none other than cows, the bharat mata. The same mata for whose protection we are ready to kill and strip others. Even for the smokers, they find it quite easy to just rid themselves of the stub by throwing it on the road, after all, it is nothing huge to be noticed, or acted for. It’s so easy to just spit wherever we find a corner, because obviously, we definitely want to leave behind the trails of our journey, and there is nothing better than the jetted red beetle leaves.

Do we blame the government or the Municipal Corporation of respective states for such impeccable layer of dirt, or the blame lies with us?

We all would walk the extra mile to shed few kilos, or to consume our favorite road side dish, so why can’t we do the same when it comes to disposing the waste that is produced by us? Why such reluctance and laziness? Where lies the viability of cleaning our mandirs, when daily passing by the stink breezed out by some mandir in our community area?

How many times have we indulged in the holy activity of serving the poor, called bhandaras, and not providing any means wherein people can just throw their empty plates? We might protest against the government and its functions, but are we fulfilling our duties as a citizen?

The failure of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan is nothing but citizens being unable to perform their duty as a citizen and also as a mere human. The place we live in, work at, play at or roam at, is suffering under stingy conditions, and we are doing nothing at all to avert this. And, why should we, India is not our home, right?

Let’s keep our 3 bedroom flats clean, and chuck the country. As long as we are prospering and happy, why bother with the cleaning of our country, state, or a district. Nationalism is restricting voices of people for speaking about pro-Kashmir, or calling Pakistan a good place to visit, who said anything about keeping the surroundings clean, right?

Yugansha Malhotra

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