When the System Fails, a Power Will Rise…

Too theatrical a title perhaps! But nevertheless, absolutely true. While innovation has become the ‘word of the day’ in today’s money-driven competitive world, exploring new avenues needs to become the catchphrase. Our Indian educational system is such that it provides absolutely no second chances to students to prove their worth. As a result, many promising futures go to waste because the desired avenues get shut off if one does not succeed in the first attempt. The most glaring, and perhaps most recognizable example is the change in the IIT pattern, which now provides ‘droppers’ just one chance. In India, people are too opinionated or non-opinionated to have a voice of reason.
This generation is falling increasingly short of job opportunities in the ‘hot and lucrative’ sectors. Hence it has already started sculpting other sectors to suit their monetary and professional needs. As a result, some previously ‘unknown’ jobs have come into the limelight. While the IT boom is fading, the Management race is losing steam and the Medical ship has almost sailed out of sight, Media, Mass Communications, Event Management and the like are fast raising their heads.

Some more affluent parents send their children to study overseas, where they eventually settle while their country loses some more talent. This attitude is being questioned, but then, why not exploit the vast opportunities on foreign shores, rather than waste away in this land of apparent scarcity?

While it is obvious that jobs in the IT and Management sector have become commonplace and are no longer novelties, it is ironic that some parents still pressurize their children to go for Engineering and Management courses—especially IITs and IIMs.

Thus school of thought is open to question. After all, it is money that one requires, isn’t it? So, if it can be got via other means – honourable means, of course – why pressurize the child to aim for something he cannot achieve? All children are talented, but in different areas. After all, job-satisfaction also matters.

Children nowadays are well-informed enough to know about the walks of life in which they could excel. In the light of this, it would be best to let them decide after an earnest counselling session with them.

But, as present stress levels continue to increase, ominous signs are beginning to surface. If the present ‘high-ranged tyranny’ in this educational system continues unimpeded, we can certainly expect the boat of this system – which is already in windy waters – to capsize.

This system that supports the topper alone will be taken to pieces…

But at present, ‘life skills’ have gained the utmost importance. Let us try and be more humane, more thoughtful. Let us act with consideration towards each other and whatever happens, may we remember to,

‘Live day to day; relieve a little

What sorrow lies within our scope;

A moratorium on hope

Will, if it makes our laughter brittle,

Lend peace until that day of wrath

When the smooth doomtoys hurtle forth.

Shubhodeep Pal

[Image courtesy: http://www.amity.edu/absau/images/home.jpg]