When Will Pen Indeed Be The Mightiest?

Lack of Higher Education

The world gets different when we get acquainted with the world that provides us knowledge, the world that promises to quench our thirst and the world that gives us the hope to dream, dream for a better life and dream for a better and empowered us.

However, there are some people who get acquainted with the dream and start loving it, but in that very moment the world freezes over. The world that gave them the strength to pursue dreams, and the one that made sure they won’t be struggling as difficult as their parents to prosper or just survive, just goes poof.

Since the Right to Education Act, education is a fundamental right of every citizen, and the central government indeed does a lot by providing the primary education free of cost. However, what happens when there are lack of funds to pursue further education? What happens when people who are stricken by poverty, aren’t able to pursue higher education?

Their dreams are squashed and they live the same fate as their parents do. There is no better world waiting for them, it’s just them and their continuous efforts for survival.

We all know in order to empower the country, the youth has to be empowered. Education is the answer for everything, as it is a gateway for success and prosperity. Understanding the social fabric of our country, parents find it hard enough to send their kids to primary schools, even when it is free of cost. Two hands would rather lift the basket filled with cement than hold pencils or pens. It is not surprising to hear when kids are dropped out of school because of the inability of parents to pay for their education. They would rather get more money by employing their kid, than losing out the money they have on education.

For we all know, education is an endeavor best pursued for people who are patient and wait for better things to come in hindsight. But for these families, survival is daily fair and they cannot rely on education to provide them with fruits after they are dead by starvation.

Are these the kids who are failed by the government, or the need of their parents? What plagues their upliftment from a down-trodden chap to crisp-suited one?

With just 10% of the budget catering towards education, there is an utmost need for the government to focus more on education. The loopholes in the amended Child Labor Bill are maneuvered due to the lack of education. Post primary education, many students cannot afford to educate themselves and take themselves and their families out of debris they have been stuck in for long. Thus, they get deprived of both- their right to education and their childhood. Reminding us of the stark reality of never being able to eradicate child labor.


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Life collectively will be better if the Right to Education Act is extended well enough to cover secondary education. Beyond this, expansion of open schooling facilities can help in order to help drop-outs and working children who cannot find the space to attend formal schooling.

To strengthen the country and to eliminate factors within, the government should spend huge amounts for education and social empowerment. Nothing that just talks about development of kids on the face of it, fiscal remedies are required for betterment.

After all, education is the most important weapon which can be used to change the world.

Yugansha Malhotra

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