Where Do the Sparks Lie?

In a young moving nation like India, where there is so much hype regarding education and its standards every now and then, do you really feel that if we are provided with so called “world class” education, we would make a difference to society? Whether we would be able to think with a wider horizon breaking the shackles of an inglorious past? Whether we would do justice to ourselves and to the coming generation? There are many questions, friends, but they remain unanswered and to be honest, we do not know when we would be able to answer them.

Education is doing rounds of discussion on the tables of big-wigs. Every second annual meet brings in with it, a lot of new dimensions to study, a lot of new happenings, ways of studying and a lot many ways of easing out the pressure in young minds. But has anyone given a thought that in doing so, we might be just letting go the essence of the education. In the course of bringing all these “revolutionary” changes are we not leaving those young minds more confused and shattered? We end up building up of a weak base for our budding minds who at the consecutive years turn out to be less interested in education.

Let us say that few schools/educational institutions outshine in delivering their outputs and bring forth a whole new bunch of intellectually driven students. However, do these sharp minds have been really stimulated by the very idea of education or they are just educated in the shadows of those corporate sheens or a study abroad dream!! Sounds Accusing? Yes I am.

Even today, a B.Tech graduate would prefer sleeping in an AC turned on at 25 degrees Celsius where a fan can very well solve the purpose. Do you call this an educated society? He doesn’t shirk to get the grocery in polythene bags. Do you call this education? Is education just excelling in attaining 3Rs? Is not getting educated much beyond the scope of this. Then what is the difference between being literate and being educated? There is definitely something we are missing in providing education to our society.

Education’s prime motto is to make people kindle in their thoughts, wiser in their deeds and humble in their rewards. Howeer, we seldom realize that. Demonstrations, processions, hartaals, observing bandhs, remain the prime tools of the society to get their work done, thoughts convinced. Be it the Kashmir issue, Telangna issue, or 1984 Blue star operation, we are still stuck in the past and sense of our own greed.

We do not try to rise above all this and contribute constructively to the society as a whole. Or to sound bit positive, let us put this in these terms that “A very small percentage of our society contributes to the constructive work for the nation”. I would really like to name one person here; Mr Nandan Nilekani. Probably his current work do impresses me a lot and in fact us all. (in ref to the UID project).

Education is not just gaining but paying back to the society too. And this person fits that bill. In a country like India, there is a magnanimous scope of growth with so many young minds at work. What all we need to do is to rise from the ashes like a Phoenix does. We need to shed the barricades of disparity, inequality, class, sect and come together to work unanimously for our nation.

It is then only possible that we would be able to say that we are educated and our education is doing worth for the nation. Otherwise what we learn is just earning a living, not education. Education is the prime mover for the success of any nation and we need to impinge this on our minds. There is something that we definitely lack while educating people, something that needs to be incorporated in our current education system that will make it wholesome.

Along with just facilitating 3Rs, we should imbibe in our children, the young India, the value of morals, cultural dignities, mutual respect, ability to forgive and forget and develop an overall developed individual. Then it would be worth calling EDUCATION!! Apparently all these seem to be not the work of schools/educational institution but they play a crucial role in imparting these values. Or else every outsider will come and say “Where do sparks lie? Where do sparks fly?” So let those sparks light with a greater spirit and turn to a wildfire. Aptly it goes here “EDUCATED INDIA, SHINING INDIA”!!

Karanvir Gupta