Where There is No Vision

Man is an enlightened being, a responsible being who understands life to every extent possible. There are two distinct features which distinguish us from animals. Those two features are our power of speech and a sense of conscience which directs our acts. These features play a prime role in creating a vision for our life.

We thrive on the purpose of fulfilling our goals in life and making our life as beautiful as possible because we are truly very blessed to be endowed with the gift of life. I believe it is the vision one holds close to his or her heart that drives one to live a successful, eventful and purposeful life. Vision is God’s presence in the human heart which drives him to success and the lack of it makes his life futile and a sheer waste of potential.

Every page recording the events in human history has echoes one powerful lesson time and again. In every event which has been a test of character, a forthright and strong vision led them out of trouble unscathed, but at the same time a lack of it played a key role in the destruction of flourishing civilisations.

The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams, who fuse intelligence with faith. They are the ones who with courage, determination and conviction grope their way forward from chance to choice, from blind adaptation to creative evolution. This process is called charting out success with a powerful vision.

Most of us remain blissfully ignorant of ourselves because self-knowledge is painful and we prefer the pleasures of illusions, so much so that we forget the very need of our existence and seem to waste our time without any creative pursuits. A very small anecdote has been mentioned below about loss of vision, and how disturbing the end result generally is.

Many years ago when Egypt had conquered Nubia, a regiment was marching through the Nubian Desert. The men being provided limited allowance of water, suffered increasingly from extreme thirst. They had seen many mirages before and now they saw another one. Presuming it to be a vast lake the commander ordered the Arab guide to direct them to the reservoir. The guide tried to explain that he knew the area well and that they should without further ado walk eastwards.

In the argument that ensued the guide was killed by the commander. Undaunted, the commander led the regiment to the direction of the mirage only to see the delusion vanish and turn into burning sand. No man left the desert alive. They were subsequently discovered by a group of Arab guides as parched and withered corpses.

Life is full of mirages and our vision is our guide during these strenuous times. There are times when we create a faulty vision or purpose only to discover that the path we followed was not built for us. One of the cruelest deceptions of life is the one which allows you to think that you are reaching your goals while you are actually toiling on the treadmill.

Our society is led by the vision of those people who are capable of adding meaning to our life and making it purposeful. There are countless examples of people and societies perishing due to lack of vision. It, thus, makes sense that we need to form a vision for our life so that we can make purposeful use of this gift and accomplish something which helps us leave a rich legacy behind.

Sayan Das

[Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jesseslife/237052581/]