Where Would You Go, If You Could Go Anywhere?

Escaping realityThis is not a classic column encouraging aberration, but what if it were? What if we are told that the world we live in is platonic, and that we too could – like Alice – escape through a rabbit hole to a realm unvisited. Where would you head?

The world we live in, in all its muddled glory, is the only world we know. The surface of this three-dimensional habitable orb is our only channel. And sometimes we are worn-out by the daily brouhaha of a mundane life. All of us have, at some point, dreamt of scrapping reality for a whimsical adventure. We’ve craved for magic carpets and gold-spinning elves – to leave everything and go on the escapade of a lifetime. One that would bring in a renaissance and revolutionize our souls. Sometimes it is not about your bearings; sometimes it is all about taking off on the road less taken.


Travel, because all of us are in dire need of healing ourselves and we all deserve a piece of heaven. It does not matter if you are a broken soul, an adventure-junkie or plain curious. Pack your bags and take the plunge. Travel to a country you have never visited, a place you have never seen. This world maybe driven by animosity, but there is also a lot of clandestine charm to it. Travelling is therapeutic – it is your personal, spiritual voyage.


No one is afraid of love, to fall unfathomably and unconditionally in it. People fear heartbreaks; they are scared of running into another person only to get their hearts mournfully shattered. But love is a journey everybody wants to cherish and enjoy. If you are one of the many hesitant souls, shush those cynical voices and allow the cupid do its work. Love should whisper glee and assuage your worries. Embrace this feeling, fall in love and with everything you have. This journey will change your life, for better. And if it does not, you know you will emerge stronger.


Take the road that you have never taken, and are absolutely frightened of venturing on. Sign up for street play on women empowerment and equality, wear that dress you have always wanted to wear. Dance like you own the stage, because you know you do. Sing like you have never sung before. Change your job, get moving. Shed your inhibitions and do something outside the box. Start somewhere and keep moving. Live because this roller-coaster journey is the only sanity in your otherwise humdrum life.

Prerna Mittra


The Viewspaaper