Which Greek God Resides In You?


From the heart of Olympus, heroes emerged. A battle ensued, and on came the Olympians, the mighty Gods, and rulers of the new world.

Ever wondered who your alter ego from the Greek mythology is? We’ll help you discover “the God in you”!

(Pronounced Zoos)—God of the Sky

Are you the eldest sibling in the family? Often find yourself leading your projects? Would others define your as dominating? If yes,  Zeus is definitely the inner God in you.

Zeus is the holy force presiding over all the Gods. Stubborn as hell yet fiercely protective, he is known to be the emperor. Ruler of the sky, he is solely responsible for the stormy skies and wrathful rains. So if you can crash and burn with your words, and like the thunder, you strike like a force when you’re angry, you should know that you have a deeper connection with Sir Zeus.

Symbol: Eagle

Roman name: Jupiter
Hera (Pronounced Hair-ah)—Goddess of Marriage, Mothers and Families

Cheaters, Infidels and brats are your enemies. Hera, being the most caring Goddess, believes in rejoicing with the family. If large family dinners with boisterous laughter make up your idea of happiness, Hera is your mirror image. She may be loving, but she has her own version of the bad side too. Intolerant to betrayals, you don’t want to see the worse of her. She’ll protect you with her life if you’re loyal, but she’ll destroy you with venom if you earn her vengeance.

Symbol: pomegranate, cow, peacock

Roman name: Juno


Poseidon (Pronounced Po-sigh-dun)—God of the Sea

Is the beach your safe haven? Do you often talk in metaphors like “Love is like the ocean waves, it either has it high or low times and when it’s high, it just drowns you all together”?

Sea lovers – meet your immortal alter ego, the moody Poseidon. He has his ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ (Just like his favourite element), but he is at most times, a happy God with an occasional “stormy” temper tantrum thrown in. Not to mention, he is the God of horses; his need for speed is unquenchable. Does that sounds like you?

Symbol: Three-pointer trident

Roman name: Neptune


Ares (Pronounced Air-eez)—God of War

With anger always sitting on his nose, Ares has a tendency to get into every single squabble that goes on. Fiercely protective and aggressive, he is famous for having a roving eye. So, if you’re the “gunda” (gangster) of your “gali” (street), you know you’ve found a soul mate in Ares. 

Symbol: A bloody spear, a wild boar

Roman name: Mars


Aphrodite (Pronounced Afro – die – tee)—Goddess of Love and Beauty

Beauty queen of the college, you’re the girl everyone raves about. When you walk down the corridor, men break into ballads of love. Aphrodite has a similar fate. The pinnacle of beauty, she delights in romanticising every moment. So, if you dream about your ideal proposal and have already decided the names of your babies, Aphrodite and you, have a lot in common. 

Symbol: The dove

Roman name: Venus


Hermes (Her-mees)—God of the Roadways, Travelers, Merchants and Thieves

Does wanderlust seem to dominate your life? Do you find your bliss in the outdoors?

If “traveler” is your middle name, Hermes is your immortal counterpart. Known to be jolly and mischievous, Hermes can always be counted on to make a joke or lighten up the mood. By hook or by crook, you always seem to find your way. After all, jugaad hai bhai! (After all, you have means to get things done).

So which Greek God are you?
Arushi Walecha

Image Source [Google]