…While getting back home

I was sitting rather lying, relaxing on my back and looking as the planes drifted in the air, at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. Well, as my fate always plays games with me, it happened again. I ran to catch my flight and on reaching the airport I got to know that the flight has got delayed. And I was stranded at the airport for 4 hours.

On my way to the airport, I read every board that came on my way to the airport and took coupons which said free gifts! But to get the coupon, you need to pay Rs 599. Well, at that time it struck me that being a lawyer what not I could do. I could sue these people saying they confused me and the conditions were never mentioned (Oh! The Great Almighty bestowed thy slave with “out of the world powers!”).

I thought that I should go to my gate and sit there but my scientific mathematical brain cells forced me to verify the walking minutes written there. I decided to explore the eighth largest Airport terminal in the world (Terminal 3) instead, and there I started my tour to explore India’s one of the busiest ports. I saw Japanese, Chinese, Europeans and Africans, all waiting and analyzing their surroundings. Well, there I walked and walked until I came to my final destination to the “lie-downs” which invited me and my hurt feet to take rest and enjoy the “earthly” view.

In front of me there was a huge line of taxis waiting to get their catch and there I entered my Rom Com abode imagining myself to be in “Love Actually” narrating my story at the Heathrow Airport, London. My Rom ­­­Com mania is courtesy our hostel where whatever was the occasion we celebrated it watching movies and the more courageous ones watched “horror” movies.

I recalled how after the shock of getting less marks, I deleted my collection of movies and songs. But after coming back to my senses, I restored them (thanking Bill Gates from the bottom of my heart!). I watched my favourite scenes again and listened to songs, and prayed for some divine intervention, regarding sending marks, attendance and an invitation to parents for the Parents’ Teacher Meeting, but what I got were the horrifying stories of other mates’ parents reactions and going askew again! The post-examination flu damaged my grey cells completely.

Happily onboard! Bon Voyage! Well, from the top Delhi looked like a small galaxy, inviting you to delve deeper into its streets and enjoy its flavour! But I don’t have that option now and don’t have any regrets either, since my destination is more promising and I can smell the fragrance of my home, in that miniature plane afloat in vast sky.

Disha Bangard