White. Everything about it is so serene, so placid. I love
how the rainbow, the bundle of colour, merges into white.
Neutrality. How everything that begins end into white. Eternity.
White, the colour of purity. White, the colour of mourning
somewhere and happiness somewhere else. White, royalty. White,
peace. White, the colour never ceases to amaze me.

It’s fascinating how such a neutral colour can convey so much.
But then again, that is the beauty of nature. It never seems to be
content with staying okay. No. It has to be awesome. Just like the colour.Unpretentious, unadorned, bare. Yet, enthralling and enchanting.

The colour is almost poetic. Everyone has a different meaning to it.
Its nature isn’t static; the perspective changes continuously.
What remains the same is the fantasy attached to the colour.

Arun Chawla