White Vows

FairnessSwitch on any TV channel, and you will find someone selling white paint or more precisely something similar, which is meant to make Indians white and whiter, I mean from fair to fairer. Welcome to the new India, where every girl dreams of becoming fairer no matter how good or bad she already looks, but as the perception goes if she becomes fair, all her ‘bad looks’ will fade away. No one can forget the remark that Aishwarya Rai made in the Oprah Winfrey Show, “Indian girls think that being fair will make them more attractive”.

Indian fairness industry is playing in billions (Rs. 100 crores being the latest figures) and with each passing day this figure threatens to go higher, thanks to some new advertisement every day featuring celebrities like Amitabh Bachhan or Kareena Kapoor and the like. It’s actually funny to see how tacky these advertisements can get, like our ‘Actor of the Millennium’, Amitabh Bachhan impersonating a ‘pujari’ and selling beauty-enhancing goodies, while carrying out a marriage ceremony, or Kareena Kapoor looking utterly ordinary while selling some other fairness cream and the worst thing is that the cerebral Indian public really buys the argument which these advertisements monger on.No matter how much “Be Swadeshi” Indians cry, but when it comes to being one, a lot more things add up to making a magnetic personality, however when it comes to the skin colour, nobody minds buying any of the exquisite and expensive imported brands even if it badly hits their pockets. The irony is that they don’t work at all or even if they do, its like one in a million. Take an unwarranted visit to a girl’s purse and you will find a ton of fairness cream and some more of these kinds and then you begin to wonder, what can be the actual weight if a girl sans this cream.White vows have not even spared the male species and nowadays we see men indulging into looks factor as well. More and more males are getting bugged by the “Metrosexual male” phenomena. How can one forget the advertisement, when a boy tries to sneak into girls hostel to grab some ” Ladkiyon waali fairness cream” this advertisement indicates a shift in paradigms that men are supposed to be tough,not that toughness cannot come with beauty but then desirable men have always been characterized by three words ” Tall Dark and Handsome” imagine how much work will go into changing this saying to “Tall and White” and that actually would sound more like a reference to some building.Being looks conscious is not altogether bad, if you look good it does add to your value and a lot to your confidence, no wonder why businessmen and CEOs of many companies take a full personal care before any big public appearance. If you can attract people’s attention towards yourself not only does it make you feel important it also increases the weight of your words and increases the overall effect of presentation manifold. If you look good you will never feel out of place no matter, where ever you go, you always buy some more admiration for yourself.Indians have always been contended in living with whatever they have and that is the only thing that most of the travelers notice and write about India. You can always find some sentences like “Indian people have a sense of smile, no matter how dissatisfied they can be at times, they never seem to run after things”. We think that white skin is the best or what is it going to change except for the colour if any. As India is modernizing, people are getting more and more looks conscious. Now no girl wants to get ignored just because she isn’t fair. All men, too, want to vouch for the “Metrosexual” tag. Other real qualities like attitude, nature and etiquettes take a back seat. So, we should always keep in mind that looking good is desirable but it will be better if we back our looks with some matter also.

Ajeet Shekhawat