Who’s the Culprit?

The verdict on the Bhopal gas case has been disturbing me. I strongly feel for the affected victims and their families and, through this article, I would like to give my perspective on this travesty.

Let’s start: the government thinks its Warren Anderson’s fault. It was a case of clear negligence by UCIL (Union Carbide India Limited), the Indian subsidiary of UCC. This company was the Indianised version of UCC with Anderson as its CEO but are we missing something? It was a subsidiary, which means they would have come to India with the government of India’s consent and most importantly, the Bhopal government’s consent. This implies that the Bhopal government allowed them to start this hazardous factory near residential areas with a really high population. In order to make quick bucks from this, they granted these greedy people to start it in a highly populated area. Was the government of India not aware of this? Perhaps they were busy in their election patrols or maybe they never thought that it was an important issue akin to left’s response to the nuclear deal during the time of elections.
What to say about this company which never bothered to clean their pipelines and loopholes? Their indifferent attitude towards the maintenance department makes them not negligible but careless and actually culpable for homicides. They were always aware of all the mishaps happening there. They turned a blind eye to all this. Even when two deaths happened, the company said there was nothing to worry about.  One newspaper of Bhopal even tried to warn the common people and the government about the impending danger.
The aftermath of this tragedy ends with Anderson leaving India with the help of the Indian government. The opposition tried to take the spotlight by stating that it was Rajiv Gandhi’s fault (the then PM) and enjoys blaming Congress for all this but what did the opposition do when they came to power? It is easy to blame others and difficult to accept it when you are also responsible. Both the parties have been avoiding allegations and have blamed each other but the sufferers are victims and their families of the victims who are still waiting for the culprits to be punished and justice to be delivered to them. They believe that Supreme will find the solution to all of this.
What can been done is that we join hands and provide support to these people. The government can start by offering the required treatment and provide possible help to these people. The Dow Chemicals can start by cleaning what they left behind 25 years ago. They can help in the rehabilitation program by offering all the information about the chemicals. They can also help by providing medical assistance to the victims. What has happened has happened, we can all start by helping each other.
Kriti Singh

Image Source: [http://www.chinapost.com.tw/news_images/20091130/p13b.jpg]