“Who Is Maria Sharapova,” They Ask


The one-sided battle of the followers of Sachin Tendulkar against Maria Sharapova took a step further as the former sought to pacify their rage by trending Who Is Maria Sharapova on Twitter.  They also took to battle her Facebook official page by spamming her wall with different kinds of information about Tendulkar. To add to it, they developed a series of memes on her lack of knowledge.

Ever since she announced at a press conference that she is not aware of who Tendulkar is, the Indian media have been taken by shock and disappointment. While Sachin has shared an old friendship with Roger Federer and Michael Schumacher, the latter having gifted Tendulkar his famous Red Ferrari, it becomes hard to imagine that Sharapova was blindfolded up till now on the existence of the God of Cricket.

While many Indians have been taken by fury, there are others who argue that the media has overhyped her ignorance. Their argument is that not every person should necessarily know all the celebrities and sports stars. But a crucial point to note here is that no area of sport exists in isolation. With an insane amount of coverage from international media, sportspersons immediately attain a celebrity status. As a result of which one does generally know of the frontrunners in any sport. Moreover, there is also a difference between the knowledge of a sportsperson and a non-sportsperson with regards to their area of specialisation, much like in any other field. In that case, quite obviously, a sportsperson is more likely to know of another in the field of sports, than a non-sportsperson is.

While on one hand, Sharapova was familiar with the achievements of David Beckham outside of his professional life as a footballer, on the other it is hard to fathom that she missed out on the achievements of Tendulkar. Having been a philanthropist and a brand ambassador for the UNICEF for years now, he surely has gained a reputation as one of the most influential personalities in the world.

At the end of the day, one does not have to penalise Sharapova for her lack of knowledge, but one can say that it has been a pity for her as well as for Sachin’s hardcore fan following.

Samiksha Bhan

Image Source [http://www.google.co.in/imgres?imgurl=https://d2t9hfzqnk4u68.cloudfront.net/prod/trunk/uploaded/Images/Users/62/sfeed_size/1404301708835_Maria-Sharapova-img21021_668.jpg&imgrefurl=http://cricout.com/&h=272&w=485&tbnid=dRYxlhkqyduVcM&zoom=1&tbnh=168&tbnw=300&usg=__G4vK4lSNEPCp0UBL5RUk4fis4vw=