Who’s Nach Baliye’s Too Much? Chetan Bhagat, Of Course!


Being a dancer myself, the mention of a dance reality show has my eyes twinkling in anticipation. Though the reality in the shows are far from real, but come on, I would be fooling myself if I pretend to look down upon these “reality shows” on television.  However, exceptions are always there. I learnt it the hard way, though!

The seventh season of Nach Baliye that flagged off on April 26 had all the fans of the show, rolling their eyes out of their sockets. As the show promised that “Iss baar nach mein hoga too much,” Nach Baliye 7’s “too much” is Chetan Bhagat. So, as it stands, an actress who’s more famous for her dimple than her acting or/and dancing, a choreographer who’s selling point is his terrible accent, and an author, who is India’s answer to Stephanie Meyer, are the judges of the dance reality show, this season.

A show where “star couples” participate to dance it off, Nach Baliye this time around, is a silly mish mash of Splitsvilla, Bigg Boss and Khatron ke Khiladi. The contestants will be segregated according to male and female, be given houses and tasks to perform, apart from dancing. With Chetan Bhagat’s gracious presence, the show is all set to be high on drama and very, very low on dance.

And, no, I am not exaggerating. While the show makers have hunted down celebrities from the nether depths of the television industry, most participants are either too new for us to care, or are old faces gone jobless. Looks like, Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel have, finally, found love in each other’s eyes, but have failed to bag projects post their tryst with Bigg Boss. But, Chetan Bhagat judging their dance performance? The buck, definitely, stops here.

An IIT and IIM alumnus, a former banker turned author, Chetan Bhagat couldn’t dance to save his life. What on earth is he doing on a dance show? It would have made more sense if he were a participant, but a judge, well, that is a bolt from the blue. And, if you think he is being rather lenient with the participants, you’re terribly mistaken. In an attempt to appear intimidating, he sits through the entire episode with a grim face. What I find totally intolerable is his “pravachan” on the dynamics of “love.”

As soon as a couple winds up a dance sequence, Bhagat launches into a harangue, judging the status of the couple’s relationship. Not only that, he also goes into an endless rant of moralizing, enlightening the couple with his gyaan (knowledge) on what qualifies as love and what doesn’t. Obnoxious as it may be, here is a self proclaimed writer who writes novels like “Half Girlfriend” and considers himself a love guru of sorts. Worse still, he tries to pull off being a mind reader, deciphering how committed the couple is towards their relationship.

Twinkle Khanna, who once wished to be called “Chetali Bhagat”, so that her columns could get translated into movies, socked Chetan Bhagat fit and proper with her jibes on Twitter, yesterday! Mrs. Funny Bones was actually funny as she owned Bhagat with her tongue-in-cheek humor. She wrote, “Well if you were taller, had more hair, you could have got Bobby Deol’s role and if you were way cooler, then SRK would be jobless.”


Sangeeta Purkayastha

Image Source: The Viewspaper