Why A Chauvinistic Comment Offended Us, And Why It Should Not Have

Tiger Shroff

Tiger, Tiger, burning, eh?

We are so conveniently offended, people. We are offended when our mood permits. We take up cases like how we shop for our clothes: oh yes, this one will suit me! So when Bollywood’s flex-boy Tiger Shroff supposedly kicked the hornet’s nest (yes, we know you are innocent dear, this is just for argument’s sake) by saying something preposterous, alright, the best of the best slammed and lambasted him, because saara zamaana, feminism ka deewana.

The poor chap had to issue a public statement saying he was misquoted and he is pro-empowerment and all that. So to put things into perspective for those who are living under the rock, this is what happened-

Shroff junior had allegedly said he would marry a “housewife-type” girl, whenever he does. He had apparently given an interview to an online portal where he said things like, “I will get married to a girl from the village… When I reach home, I want a massage so that I can get relaxed (sic). I like girls who are housewife-type”. He went on to say that he would want a girl who would “keep the house clean” and give him “home-cooked food”.

But immediately after this news broke, Shroff became the butt of many jokes. He was criticised for his poor taste, his ‘regressive’ notions about women, and the like. He soon became Tiger Sexist Shroff.

The actor then thought to self that it was imperative he did some damage control. After all, he had not really said those awful things about us, women, did he? So he tweeted the following:

He said he was misquoted and the world should not believe everything said or written.

We believe you, Tiger. And all the very best for your movie.

And for those who have taken offence – why-oh-why? Why is a newbie’s take on relationship anybody’s concern? I have friends (female) and friends of friends, who say they want a man to be “chivalrous”. Now, there is nothing wrong in wanting to be with a man who washes his underwear himself, opens the door – and keeps it open for an eternity, pulls out a chair, watches The Notebook and cries with us, cheers for Jon Snow, etc., right?

Then what wrong did Shroff do, in wanting to be with a girl who, according to him, is ‘ideal’? Why are we always offended? We are like CBFC in a saree, always affronted.

Goodness, ladies! Loosen up. Let a man live. Let us wish him good luck finding the prototypical girl. If he wants a massage, he gets it. It is his business, people. Let us not exhaust our quota of fury. For life is long, and full of miseries.

Prerna Mittra

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