Why An Ambitious Woman Is Failed By Society At Large


Don’t focus on books so much, after marriage they aren’t the ones to aid you. What do you need that job for, we as your parents will make sure that your husband earns enough for both of you. Again you want to pursue that engineering degree, it would be good if you can learn on how to cook and take care of the home. After all, the husband’s home is yours, why do you need to buy one of yours?

In the pretext of making someone else’s home, why can I never get the chance to formulate my own? Why is my career of no importance as opposed to the career of a man?

Even the most progressive men, fail to realize the importance of career for their partners of the female gender. I have many friends, who do board the train heading towards feminism, however, they find it very difficult to adjust their dates if their girlfriend is stuck in some meeting. It is okay for them to be professional and to be on time for their meetings, however, when tables get turned, there is no adherence or the same consideration and courtesy extended to their girlfriends. Because, girls can never have or want career, it is just a hobby they indulge in.

Why, the society at large, is failing to accept the emergence of women and their consideration towards career as equally important as that of men?

The typical myth of women not wanting to be ambitious with their lives is something that has evolved as a fact in many people’s life. The intention of a woman to settle with someone who earns good enough to support her shopping, and parlor excursions, is something which is a very common thought of most of the men in this country. They want to earn good enough to pamper their wives. They want to earn enough to substantiate livelihood of two people, because the dependence of women on some male, never gets diminished, it just shifts from one male to another. And that’s the hierarchy we all religiously follow.

Since the time we could think, we were taught to cater to someone else’s need before ours, we were asked to show interest in activities not because we like it, but because it will help us handle our marriage life better. We were always taught to take care of someone else’s household, while forgoing the dream of having our very own someday. With time, such thoughts are embedded in our mind, and we find ourselves indulging in them subconsciously, whether we want it or not.


Maybe we are not bound by such stereotypes anymore, but sadly, the majority of people are, who continue to scrutinize us by such mindset repeatedly.

I have a career too, which is important to me, as my boyfriend’s career is. My meeting and my professional protocol is equally important and needful. No, I don’t enjoy perks of being a female in my office, neither do I get promotion for the same. I do manage to pull in some hard work and that’s the reason I succeed. If nothing, I am still paid less than you even when I do more of the work. I have to battle stereotypes all my way to office, and hear the taunts of being the ‘modern kind’ from neighbors or distant relatives burning my family’s name to ashes because I chose to work.

I have a career, and more importantly, I have a voice; a voice that speaks for me, without any incentives or perks for others.

Yugansha Malhotra

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