Why An Over-Confident Guy Is A Put-off


While as teenagers, most of us have had a crush on that hard-to-get, cocky, brash guy in school, they are a complete no-no for adults. Here’s why:

    • There’s nothing about them that will surprise you, ever. Whatever they’re capable of, they’ve already mentioned a few million times, and frankly you know you really weren’t interested after the second time.1

      • For them, every member of the opposite sex secretly has a crush on them.2
      • They are incapable of taking a no. In their world, “no” equals shyness. You said no? You’re only being shy; you know you’ll come around, babe.


      • They are super proud of their wit and are often laughing the hardest at their own jokes, while those around them exchange awkward smiles.


      • One passing failure is death for them.5
      • They can never praise anyone else. EVER. The closest they get to praising somebody is “they’re alright”.6
      • They cannot stop talking about themselves. A crease on their shirt needs more discussion than your boss asking you to resign.
      •  And sometimes you miss that boyish charm and vulnerability in them. After all, you don’t mind your man breaking down every now and then and taking care of him.giphy


Sanya Dhingra

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