Why Andre Villas-Boas can be greater than the Special One

On June 22, 2011, life came full circle for Andre Villas-Boas when he was appointed the new Chelsea Manager. Having worked here previously under Jose Mourinho as Cheif Opposition scout, writing lengthy reports for Mourinho about the opposition’s tactics, he knew enough about the Premier League and about Chelsea FC. However, what made the tabloids go tizzy was the fact that this man had achieved practically as much as what Mourinho did at Porto, then followed in his footsteps by joining Chelsea. However, Villas-Boas is no Mourinho and says that even though comparisons are inevitable, he will not run Chelsea as a “one-man show”.

So who is Andre Villas-Boas? Not many people know the answer to that question ,even though he won the Portuguese League, Portuguese Cup and UEFA Europa League in his first season as in charge of Porto. The man has not played football at any level, and has managed the British Virgin Islands at age 21 (at this age, most players are just starting their professional careers). He then worked under Jose Mourinho at Chelsea and Inter Milan, before moving on to manage Academia in the Portuguese League midway through the 2009 -10 season. He had an immediate impact and saved them from relegation. At the end of the season, he moved on to Porto and led them to winning all three competitions they were involved in.  Now, he has joined Chelsea in what many people called a transfer, as Chelsea had to pay Porto 13.3 million pounds to trigger a release clause from his contract.

Why I say that he can be greater than Mourinho is because the man has already achieved a lot. At 33, he is just a year older than Chelsea striker Nicholas Anelka, the same age as Didier Drogba and a year younger than vice-captain Frank Lampard! He also possesses some qualities that Jose doesn’t, such as humility(Jose described himself as “special” when he arrived at Chelsea, leading to the British media dubbing him “The Special One”) and an attractive style of play that he has used at his previous clubs(Mourinho used some very brutal tactics at Chelsea, and even employs them currently at Real Madrid). And to top it all, he still has things he would like to achieve, and Chelsea FC is the right club for him to be in at the moment due to the fact that Chelsea too have a lot to achieve, such as Champions League glory.

Only time will tell if I am right, but if his past is anything to go by, he could truly be “The Special One” that Chelsea are looking for.

Shayne Dias

The author is a person of many interests, which include watching a lot of sports, listening to lots of music and blogging. He is pretty aware of what is happening around him and is an avid debator. He has taken part in inter-school competitions even at the national level. He also enjoys watching movies and American shows like Castle, How I Met Your Mother etc.