Why Being called a Techie is a bad thing!

It sucks. Because being called a Techie, is just as bad as being called a black, or a Dalit.

It basically creates stereotypes, where in some cases they are not warranted.

Take my case for example.

Engineer? Yes!

M.B.A.? Yes! .In a technical field like Telecom Management.

I.T. Firm in Bangalore? Yes!

But that’s where it all ends.

Because I worked in tiny companies, the first one having around four people, the second having just around 150. A typical I.T. company has around 2000.

So yeah, I worked my way up. I started giving big gyaan to my boss in the beginning about how chatting software was a bunch of crap, it needed more stuff like games and the ability to identify your location, eight years ago.

Then got into a slightly bigger company, where I started giving gyaan about how sucky our mobile software was, that fuck our engineers, make something my mom or dad could use. They said “Speak to Nokia or Vodafone, they tell us what to do!”

Then I got into a digital advertising firm, where they looked at me in my formal wear and asked “Kya tu security wala hai kya?” I liked formals, I think they make me look thinner.

I liked advertising, the relationship with the client was more real, more personal. That’s when it got too personal, I mean at least at the I.T. firm I would run off from work and go meet real people having real coffee, not that crap you get out of the machine.

Here, it was about being on a perpetual high, with the same people all the fucking time.

Your clients would be the nicest ever, because they could be the crudest ever too!

It felt nice to wear jeans to work, but it also meant that you were perpetually working.

Never helped that it was Mumbai, the place where constantly working meant normal living.

But then people were like “Oh, you are one of them advertising types”. I was like “Huh?”

So if you wear jeans the whole day, even for meetings, you were one of them “Advertising guys”

It meant that I was someone who was fresh out of college, who was all “Yo, Dude, whassssup!” kind of all the time.

Wearing formals was something which was so uncouth, because it made you “Uncle” or something.

So, techie? Nah, not me.

Werner Egipsy Souza

Werner Egipsy Souza is currently with a startup in service robotics and renewable energy electronic solutions, with their first robotic cleaner.Werner was previously setting up navigation device consumer sales in Goa, Werner then set up their Enterprise GIS sales team in two months, after which he then worked with Mobile telecom operators to start selling digital maps to build LBS (Location Based Services) for the operators around specific customer segments such as child tracking, senior citizen tracking and demographic based data mining.Werner worked in developing India’s first downloadable mobile browser application in 2006.