Why Bollywood Desperately Needed Kangana Ranaut

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For the longest time Bollywood has been dominated by few, namely the Khans and the Kapoors. We do see other names making it big in the industry, but most new entries are somehow connected to this vast film fraternity. So it’s surprising that Kangana Ranaut is the one whom everybody is talking about.

She is a phenomenal actress and wonderful human being. A male lead is not a prerequisite for a hugely successful movie. ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’ has proved this to be true by becoming the first movie in 2015 to reach Rupees 100 crore.

In this movie, Kangana played the role of two women who were poles apart. If you already weren’t aware of Kanagana’s double role, you wouldn’t be able to tell that the same person played both roles. This performance shows you just how amazing her acting skills are.

She has, immodestly, called herself the ‘struggler of the century’.  I can’t say that I agree with her but she has struggled to make a name for herself in this industry. For the longest time, her award winning performances have not got her the roles she wanted.

Whether she is choosing roles or answering sexist questions, Kangana Ranaut is an unapologetic feminist. Her candid answers are refreshing after listening to the same old prepared responses.

She refuses to conform to widely accepted standards of beauty, preferring her curls to straight hair and rejecting endorsing a fairness cream. She states that she will never understand the Indian obsession with fairness. Not even two crores could tempt her to stray from her beliefs. She does not want to insult any of her fans.

Her most recent roles have broken the stereotypes of how an India woman should behave. “Rani” and “Tanu” are not typical Indian women, but are yet as relatable. Meeting her sister’s possible future husband in a towel may be a little over the top but it made a memorable moment.

Kangana (or more recently “Datto”) has pointed out how ridiculous the Indian obsession of speaking English is. Why should someone only be considered smart if they can speak English? Bollywood sorely needed change. And that is exactly what Kangana provides. With her hard work, talent and dedication to her craft, she’s here to change the tides of Bollywood.



Ishani Singhal

Image Source: The Viewspaper