Why Carli Llyod Is Truly An Inspirational Icon


Carli Llyod is a 32 year old American soccer player who has, time and again, made her country proud with the laurels she has achieved in soccer. There are many reasons for which she will surely inspire the youngsters to follow their dreams.

She plays for her team as a centre midfielder and is highly determined to bag big matches for her country. Llyod gives the credit to her practice sessions that made her a better player. For her trainer, she is a daredevil who is always curious to thrive on challenges. On winning the Gold medal, Carli tweeted, “2015 World Cup Champion! 2X Olympic Gold Medalist. On a mission. Striving to be the best. Finding my dreams through hard work.”

It is rightly said that a person finds one’s dreams only through hard work and belief in oneself. That’s what she has justified in all these years. On the final match of the FIFA women’s world cup she scored a hat-trick in the beginning 16 minutes of the game. She has become a youth icon in America after scoring goals in crucial matches of the three world cups she has played for America.

Before the 2015 world cup tournament she had visited a school and talked to young girls there. It was an effort on her part to help boost their confidence and tell them the importance of dreams in one’s life. Her visit was also the follow up of her campaign #SheBelieves where she asked girls about what the girls would want to be when they grow up.

Carli Llyod believes in the power of visualization. When she hit a goal in the world cup final from the midway of the field, it was her dream coming true. Her trainer expressed his joy by saying that this goal wasn’t hit by mere chance. But it was an outcome of 12 years of practice and dedication she had towards her game. As Llyod describes that she is always visualizing certain things before she commits them, even if she goes for TDI talks, she practices her speech many times before going there. Llyod says that she had visualized hundreds of people sitting in front of her at the time of practicing her speech. And when she went for her talk she felt as if she had been there before. According to her, the process of visualization boosts a person’s confidence. The youth surely has a lot to learn from Carli Llyod, and take inspiration from her in order to reach greater heights.



Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Image Source: The Viewspaper