Why don’t you get your passport in 50 days?


Yes, you read it right. I am going to tell you today, exactly why you don’t get your passport in 50 days. Don’t be amazed, ideally you should get your passport within 50 days, provided the Indian Post delivers the posts in not more than five days, which it does. I have been looking closely at the whole process since last one month. As I am at home I have given a closer look at the process. So, I go and check almost daily and, here is how things should work.

Ideal Case:

Step 1: You submit the application for the passport at the relevant Passport office (day Count=1 day).

Step 2: Within 2 days ( day Count= 1+2 = 3 days) it should dispatch the application to the
Foreign Section of The Office of Superintendent of Police (FS-SP) of relevant zone enclosing a (CID) letter mentioning, “Respond with the identification verification report within 3 weeks”.

Step 3: Assume the speed post took 5 days (days Count= 3+5= 8 days) to reach FS-SP. FS-SP
writes a letter to the Special Branch (CID) to complete the identification verification process within 15 days and send a report back to FS-SP. Simultaneously FS-SP sends the form to the respective
police station (PS) for the same verification report.

Step 5: FS-SP should get both the reports within 15 days, since it needs to report back to the passport office with the relevant reports within 3 weeks or 21 days (days Count= 8+21= 29 days) .

Step 6: FS-SP sends the whole documents to the Passport Office through Speed Post (days Count= 29+5 = 34 days).

Step 7: Let us assume it will take 7 (which is more than enough, remember everything is computerized) days to print the book with relevant information and the seal of the Passport officer (days Count= 34+7 = 41 days).

Step 7: The Passport Office dispatches the passport to the relevant address (days count=41+5=46 days).

So, the variable days Count has a final value of 46 days. Say 4 days for Sundays or any other vacation.

Final value of days Count= 46+4 =50 days.

Now, let’s have look at what really happens which causes delay:

Cause 1: Generally the CID Special Branch sends the report on time but the Police Station does
not. They (PS) keep the form/report for indefinite period of time, at least a month or two or even more than that.

Cause 2: In case you are defaulter for the residential address, I mean if you are not
residing at the mentioned address since one year (which is required). You pay some handsome amount like 500-700 bucks to the officer and you sit back. You think you have done your part. Same happens in Police station too. The only difference is that in Police Station they take 1000-1500 bucks. But in most of the cases, even after they take money they send the correct report, mentioning you are defaulter. And after about 3- months you apply for re-enquiry and it takes 3-4 more months
and after that you fulfill the 1 year criteria and this time they send the positive report. Yes, even if they take money they do not send reports favoring you, about this one of the most honest officer that I have met till now, says,

“wahan jo kandhe pe do tara laga ke baitha hai na, usko apne naukri ka dar hai, isliye wo paise kha ke bhi galat report nai bhejta aur next time jab fir se re-enquiry hota hai to bhi wo sahi report hi bhejta hai, lekin aap us samay aapke us address pe 1 sal ho jate hai”.

(English translation:
The person sitting there who is having two stars on his shoulder fears losing his job, so even if he
takes money, he does send the correct report (does not manipulate) and at the time of re-enquiry
he sends the correct report again, but this time you fulfill the condition of 1 year).

Cause 3: At the time of verification, you were not present at the given address, for a reason,
say you were out of station enjoying your relative’s marriage. They come to your home, ask the people from the reference addresses (you mention in your form). Your neighbor tell them happily that you have gone to say Bangalore (or some place else) attend the marriage (or anything). They go back to their office and write a handsome report that the applicant was not found at the mentioned address and he/she is living in Bangalore (or some place else) at present time.

So, these three reasons mainly delay your passport from 50 days to 5-6 months. It happens almost in every case.

Regarding, the letters that Passport office sends to the FS-SP (3 week’s time) and the FS-SP sends to the Special Branch (CID) (15 days’ time), I have read them in FS-SP.

My Suggestion: If you can go and check at the relevant FS-SP then you should, after 5 days of the
submission of your passport application or you can go to your area’s PS after 10 days, most people
don’t get their police verification done before 2 month.

PS: If you think that, I have not given much time to any of the offices, and then you can
deduct 2 days for speed post three times which adds to 6 more days. You must know that
sped post takes at most 3 days (I have used it many times, so do you).

Jayendra Sharan