Why Feminism Is Important For All-Gender No Bar


When the majority hear the word feminist or feminism, there is an instant rebuke not difficult to decipher. Many would end up making jokes about the myths surrounding feminism, while other would just jump to the conclusion of the person being a lesbian, or a homosexual. We all are blinded by wrong perception and myths, and sadly not many would do any effort to just understand the concept.

You must be a lesbian. Man-hater. Bra-burner. You just want better for women while the men suffer. How is it fair that you get an assigned coach in metro, while we struggle to find a place? The continuous humdrum of feminism is nothing but unwanted.

When adhered to such comments, why would anyone want to be termed as one? The world is scary, and no one wants a glimpse of it. Living in ignorance is bliss and easy, if we know the actual thing we might just agree to it, but who would want to be in association with a feminist, right?

It is nothing but a battle to known as a feminist nowadays, the malicious comments come flying from every corner of the world. The word reeks of taboo and biasness, and in the world of aping what others are doing or saying, introspection is a lost cause.

So, for all those who are still unclear about what feminism is, I might just sort out the doubts and clarify few myths that have just hardened itself with time. Because there is nothing wrong than being misunderstood, and I hate the misogyny that comes my way when I announce myself to be a feminist.

To be a feminist means to believe that every gender is equal, whether it is the male, female or the third gender. Feminism is about equality, gender no bar. Many would bash up men and ridicule them while riding on the bandwagon of feminism, but they are not feminists. They are just nasty people.

Using the statement – I believe in equality but I am not a feminist, is an oxymoron. Equality and feminism are synonyms of one another. Does the presence of feminine allows people to fall to such (oxy)moronic traps? Will the world do better if the word were not feminism but something called equalitism?

Women who are feminist are not women trying to be men. They are women wanting to be empowered and be equipped with a voice that have been lost in the mayhem of the world. It’s a different thing if people have started confusing empowerment with men, which is nothing but regressiveness just gaping at us blankly and most probably with a smirk.

Feminism means empowering women with the idea of choice; choice to be a home-maker or a marketing executive; choice to be a mother or not; choice to marry for love or not; choice to travel or not; choice to breathe or not. A woman willingly wanting to be a home-maker is no less a feminist than one protesting on the roads for equal pay. Feminism is about having a choice, having few options, and more importantly, being able to design their own life.

We must understand, the term feminism came into the picture when women had no property rights or the right to vote, when they were just dependent first on their father and then on their husband for food, shelter and clothing.

We have come a long way than those bra-burning days. But we should ask ourselves some basic questions- are women, by large, getting the same opportunities as men? Do women get a choice over their bodies as men have?

The problem is with this very comparison. The comparison is needed till the point we are not together at the same level, and when that has been achieved, there won’t be any need for using men as a comparative factor. Because, post this, the journey would be for empowerment of all. Together.

That’s what feminism is, being able to start the journey of empowerment, and choices, together.

Yugansha Malhotra

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