Why India Is Indebted To Mahendra Singh Dhoni


Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a name that no cricket enthusiast or cricket critic can ever ignore. Having one of the highest fan-following in the world, there’s nobody who can dispute the importance of this player when he comes out on the field to lead his team from the front.

One can easily learn from Mahi, what it takes to create a powerful team. When the world’s greatest critics fail to understand the best plausible strategies, there comes Indian cricket’s finest strategist, M.S. Dhoni challenging all the odds to show his sports acumen. From the times when India were struggling to make a mark in the international cricket scene, to rebuilding the entire Indian team to glory, he has seen it all, He has captained India in all formats of the game of cricket. He has been the captain for the Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League, ever since its inception in the world of cricket.

Dhoni played his first cricket match against Bangladesh in 2004, and since then he has been like wine, only getting better with time. It was, however, only in 2007 when he rose to fame with winning the first edition of the ICC Twenty-Twenty Cricket World Cup. If the cricketing insiders are to be believed then Dhoni got to captain the team India on Sachin Tendulkar’s recommendation to the selectors.

The God of Cricket, Legend Sachin Tendulkar had recommended Dhoni’s name because of his cool demeanour on the field and also because of the friendly quotient he shared with his teammates back then. Mahi, as he is affectionately called by his fans worldwide, proved the Little Master right in his choice of him.

Having spoken of his success and rise to fame, I would also like to add about the times when he had criticism flowing from all corners. It happened earlier in the past too and also more recently, that he was mocked by the Bangladeshi Media after the Indian team lost a series to Bangladesh. The Indian media did the same, with the silent critics gaining all their voices back as soon as the team’s performance dipped in the first and second ODI against Bangladesh. What amazes me is that amid this widespread criticism following the series, Mahi’s brilliant performance in the third match when he scored a handsome 69 runs, was completely ignored.  India won the third match, even as it lost the series 2-1 to Bangladesh.

Dhoni has always answered back to criticism with his deeds on the field, and seldom with words. He just has a style of letting his performances speak for himself. Even when India lost the 2015 World Cup in Australia, India had only lost in the semi-final match against Australia, but the loss came after a winning streak of eight matches in the tournament. “Winning and losing happen in a game, and it even inspires a sportsperson to perform well. Because losses don’t define that you’re a loser, losing only says that you need to come stronger next time, overcoming your shortcomings and your weaknesses. That’s how a sport is meant to be played and accepted. After all the spirit of the game is what makes one grow as a sportsperson.”

In my view, being with your team in the low phases is what makes you a real fan. The fans need to hold on to the team, and cheer for their better performance the next time when the team plays. One shouldn’t forget that a sportsperson sacrifices a lot for his country.  Dhoni became a proud father in February this year when his wife Sakshi Dhoni delivered a baby-girl in Delhi. But Dhoni was already in Australia at that time preparing for the world cup. He didn’t fly back to Delhi because to him, India came first. He tweeted, “Both mom and child are fine.” On being asked if he would fly back to Delhi for few days, he replied, “No, I am on national duty. World Cup is important for me and I rather be here.”

Mahi, I am a big fan of yours and on your special day today, I wish you all the happiness, good health and success in the years to come. Keep making India proud, and know that all of us love you, and that you inspire many  youngsters like me to follow our dreams. Happy Birthday, Mahi!

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Image Source: The Viewspaper