Why Lyricism Isn’t Dead In Hindi Music


To be an enthusiast or even have a healthy interest in lyricists like Gulzar, Javed Akhtar and Piyush Misra is like entering a metaphysical world packed with metaphors that are unparalleled. Sampooran Singh Kalra also known as Gulzar has a knack of painting detailed and dramatic pictures with his words. The lyricist has gained a rich profusion of fans across the world primarily because of his impeccable story telling skills which he engages in through his lyrics. Quite often we don’t listen to songs, we only hear them.  Sit down and listen to the words of a song and you might be surprised by how you connect better with the track at a profound level.

Recently Hindi cinema has been at the receiving end for its crass lyricism. But today’s cinema is moving in an interesting direction and as a byproduct the music seems to be more refined as well. “Words are the character of a song and ultimately that remains”– Javed Akhtar

Check out some of these lyrical gems from India’s cream of the crop and discover the meaning behind the words.

1. Track: “Poora ka poora aakash”

Album- Dus Kahaniyaan

Poore ka poora aakash ghumakar baazi dekhi maine,

Kaale ghar mein suraj rakh ke tumne shayad socha

tha mere saare mohre pit jayenge.

Maine ek chirag jalake apna raasta khol liya

Translation- Scanning the entirety of the vast skies, I saw my game plan

By placing the bright sun in the dark box, perhaps you thought

That all my pawns might get defeated

I lit a lamp and found my way out


2. Track – “Sheher

Movie- Gulaal

Sunsaan galli ke nukkad pe jo koi kutta, cheekh cheekh kar rota hai,

Jab lamp post ki gandli peeli, ghupp roshni mein kuch kuch sa hota hai,

Jab koi saaya khud ko thoda bacha bacha kar, gum saayo mein khota hai,

Jab pool ke khambho ko gaadi ka garm ujaala dheeme dheeme dhota hai,

Tab sheher hamara sota hai

Translation- When a dog yelps and cries out aloud on the corner of a silent street

When something mysterious happens under the pale yellowish light of the lamp post

When a shadow carefully escaping bit by bit merges into the shadows on the side

When the warm light from a car slowly washes the pillars of a bridge

That is when our city sleeps


3. Track – “Naav”

Movie- Udaan

Rakh dega jag jor ke tujhe tufaano ka ghor hai dera hai ghor hai dera

Bhanwar sa darr jo haar maan le kahega phir jhol hai tera jhol hai tera

Hai dil mein roshani tere, tu cheer daal sab ghere

Leheron ki gardan kaske daal phande re, daal phande re

Ke dariya bole bahaar panti, aankhon pe naav hai teri hai naave hai teri

Translation- This gathering storm will distress you and if you lose to this whirlpool,

Then where is your will power?

There is light in your heart, pierce all the darkness

Catch hold of the wave’s neck and tie a noose around it

The mighty sea will then say, O traveler, I bow down to your boat



Somesh Chandran

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