Why ‘Piku’ Promises To Take You To The Drawing Room Of A Family


Ever since the trailer of the much awaited Piku has released, the tinsel town and people, in general, have been set into a frenzy of sorts. The film starring the megastar Amitabh Bachhan, the demure and comely Deepika Padukone and the rustic Irfan Khan, will surely take one to the drawing room of a family, director Shoojit Sircar promises.

It is a very simple father-daughter drama. Nothing is overdone in the film. It is a new genre for us. I told Juhi (Chaturvedi) that I should take the audience into the middle of a family. You feel like you are in the drawing room of this family. You follow some four or five beautiful charactersThere is nothing definite about the story. It is just about a working girl (Piku) and her father in Delhi. How they deal with their everyday problems, forms the plot,” Shoojit told PTI in an interview.

A plot so simple, yet inviting. Piku’s charm seems to be its simplicity. From the trailer, what one can gauge with some certitude, is that Sircar has created magic out of the mundane. What it seemingly seeks to capture is the subtleties of the relationship between an ageing Bengali father (played by Bachhan) and his young and unmissably gorgeous daughter (Deepika). I personally cannot wait to watch Amitabh Bachhan and Deepika Padukone come together on screen for the first time. Speaking of their remarkable chemistry in the film, Deepika says,In the years I have known Amitji outside work, our chemistry came to us very naturally. I remember him mentioning that I remind him of their daughter and he is also very protective about me. Our chemistry in the film is very organic.”

From the trailer itself, one can feel the confounding mix of emotions Piku (Deepika) feels for her father. Her father’s senility and idiosyncrasies often drive her to the wall, even compelling her to yell at him in frustration (only to find out he hasn’t been listening). But, but, what’s equally evident is her undying love for her baba, for whom she’d readily sacrifice her relationship with her boyfriend. Frankly to me, the two-minute trailer itself plays out the daily bickering between me and my father, which invariably ends in an affectionate surrender by both sides.

An unusual thing about this film other than its plot of course (a film revolving around a father-daughter relationship is not exactly mainstream in India), is its pairing. The film stars Irfan Khan as Deepika’s beau who she hopes would stick it out with her despite her “90-year old baby”. Coming together of these three extremely fine actors by itself can get audiences to flock to the theatres.

The movie, slated to hit the screens on May 8, marks the coming together of Shoojit, Ronnie and scriptwriter Juhi Chaturvedi, the winning team behind Vicky Donor. Given the unprecedented success of Vicky Donor despite its unconventional story, it seems like Piku too will create some stir in the tinsel town.

Besides, Indian audiences have shown time and again their increased receptivity towards unconventional cinema. With the good business that films like Badlapur, NH10, Queen, Finding Fanny, among others, are doing, the audiences are getting more and more accustomed to push the envelope and move away from the hackneyed stories revolving around a larger-than-life hero with his inconsequential girlfriend or wife on the side (read Dabang).

Moreover, as Shoojit points out, big stars too are hungry for meaty roles in movies that are driven by powerful stories. “Even the big actors want to do unconventional movies. They are aware of the limitations of the mainstream spectacles. We experienced it with ‘Vicky Donor’ which competed with some of the biggest mainstream films that year,” he said.

All in all, from the face of it, Piku promises to truly be a treat for the audiences!

Sanya Dhingra

Image Source: The Viewspaper