Why You Should be an Entrepreneur?

There are probably a million different reasons for you to pursue entrepreneurship but in this write up I’ll just concentrate on just 4 of them.

1. Because you can change the world
2. Because there is a great deal of learning in it
3. Because you make a lot of friends
4. Because your life feels like yours

Before reasoning, let us first understand the meaning of entrepreneurship in the modern context. In today’s world simply investing in an idea and running a company may not entirely qualify for entrepreneurship. With the ever evolving world the spirit of innovation and creativity has to be there in any new form of work.

Starting another cab service, building another ERP software, developing another platform for web services etc are all good and fine but if they lack originality, they will be wiped out without leaving a sign. Entrepreneurship can now be defined as bringing a new thought in the world and giving it enough resources to develop, sustain and find its worth in time. Now let us come down to why you should be an entrepreneur?

You can change this world! You have a way to solve problems no one else has. That is all that matters. When we see new products and services in the market, a lot of them are essentially solutions to the problems that occur in the real world. So we can also say that entrepreneurship is about bringing better alternatives or solutions to the problems that cripple the world. But I must also emphasize that it is also the perspective one rarely looks from.

Think about Google when I say you can change the world. It was not there about a decade ago. Someone like you came up with a new way to search content and see how it has changed the world! Can you imagine a world without Google now?

Sometimes it’s not solution to problems rather your passion that makes you come up with crazy brilliant ideas. Apple could not have been Apple without the passion of Steve Jobs to visualize and build great products like iPod.

There is a great deal of learning in it You must have heard entrepreneurs say that it is a roller coaster ride. It is to its every word true. When you are set to go ahead with your idea, you realize that this world is a seamless place. You have to learn all ends of business and work to build upon your idea. Right from conceptualization the product to handing it to the customer, you undergo transformations of a lifetime. The exposure and experience of working in such a stimulus and multidimensional project changes the way you think about the world. Your life is changed forever and for the better!

You make a lot of friends

As soon as you become an entrepreneur and showcase the brilliant work you are doing, people start coming to you from all around the world. May what Paulo Coehlo said is true indeed, “the world conspires to make your dreams come true”. In the process you make friendships of a lifetime too. Suddenly you find yourself surrounded by creative and brilliant people you never knew before!

Your life feels like yours

The satisfaction in working for your own dreams is immense. We know the world where people work on big projects without knowing what their actual contribution was. No, you don’t deserve that. Believe me; you are born to do great things.

Abhay Shukla

Abhay Shukla is a graduate from IIT Delhi and has been involved in a multitude of projects ranging from engineering to writing to web designing. His project iitstories.com, the most popular of all, brings brilliant stories of start-ups from IITians- how they started, what problems their founders faced while making them a success and where they are headed in future. Abhay also loves writing short-stories. His collection can be read on his blog ‘The Page Fiction’.