Why We Need God In 21C

300_spiritual_med.jpgSometimes I feel God is an over rated phenomena. At other times, it seems that the creator is just not doing his duties. Many times I ask myself, if there is a God then why is our world becoming a greater hell-hole by the day? My questions are never answered and I am then left wondering whether there is a God at all. Sometimes I feel whether we humans, who have the capability to move mountains and tame rivers, actually need a God to look after us. Are we not strong enough to face adversities and hard times on our own? Do we really need to seek the God’s guidance and protection? We who have progressed so much in all fields, be it medicine, technology ,media ,humanities and more, do we really need to look up to a God whose existence cannot be conclusively proven?

These questions seem to be baffling many of us and as they were weighing heavy on my mind, I set out to seek answers to the question “Do we need God at all?”

Many inspirational authors stress on the need to have faith in God in order to obtain divine happiness. By divine happiness, they do not mean a life free from trials and tribulations and nor do they advocate that, by having faith, life will resemble a bed of roses. Instead, they say that by believing in God, even the most arduous tasks seem bearable. The reason given is that by believing that there is a power watching over us, life seems to be a bit sweeter and we stop perceiving the world with a dubious point of view. Instead of doubting people and ourselves and anticipating the day of doom, we start seeing everything with a positive viewpoint. It does not mean that we drop our guard and see the world through rose colored glasses but it surely takes away bitterness from our souls and replaces it by a certain kind of warmth which is infectious and infuses us with immense enthusiasm.

Let me explain this in a layman’s language. In today’s world, we have become experts at multitasking. We want to have our cake and eat it too, we have set our goals high and strive hard to achieve them, we are no longer satisfied by just academic excellence, we want to be just as good in all spheres of life. In a nutshell, we have high expectations from ourselves and sometimes end up pushing ourselves a bit too far. Then, there come times when we cannot meet our goals and live up to the set expectations. In these phases, self-doubt sets in and we start incriminating our own selves. It is in these trying hours that we need to slow down and believe in the Almighty. Instead of worrying about the outcome of our actions, we should give things our best shot and then leave the rest to God. I know it sounds really clichéd but I do believe that it is effective. Sometimes we get really boggled by what the mysterious future has in store for us, and this anticipation gives way to uncertainty and at times a feeling of utter frustration at not being able to hold the reigns of our own life. It is in times like these that we need to believe in God. What I intend to say is that we should not harbor our worries but transfer them to God instead and have faith that God will take care of us. Again, let me clarify that it does not mean that we simply sit back and watch things happen to us. It means that we should fight our way through life and not back out as cowards. The times when we feel that the load gets too much for us, we should let God take over.

While praying to God, instead of asking for ready wealth, an easy life and unending happiness, we should ask God to give us the courage to face whatever comes our way with strength. Instead of asking God to bestow us with love, we should extend a loving hand to all those around us.

When we search for God we will not find him residing in some place of worship nor will God ever be limited to the confines of religion. The realization of God will not come through scriptures or through ascetics who manipulate religion to suit their needs. We will not be able to see God ‘loitering around’ no matter hard we strain our eyes.

In other words God is like a spiritual anecdote which will make our lives seem much easier. It certainly would feel good to know that there is a power above us who will keep supplying us with infinite strength to meet life’s challenges head on and be there with us in our highest of highs and lowest of lows. It is really comforting to know that even in those times when we are solo warriors, there is a God above who will always be there to help us carry our burdens.

I believe all this is the reason why we need God in the 21 Century

Apurva Joshi